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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Found a gluten-free cookie recipe finally. Ok I don't know why they couldn't find these calories for these two ingredients in I put but I did the math and heres what I came up with. For the almond flour 2 1/2 cups and the Agave Nectar 1/2 cups the total cals. for 1 cookie changes to 157 and I'm sure that also brings the grams for each serving as well but that I don't know so sorry. - Similiar recipes

Agave Marshmallows

These are lighter, fluffier than and just as sweet as store bought marshmallows. I found this recipe at in my endless search for agave recipes and although I didn't use the Volcanic Nectar brand, they still turned out great! I prefer the Raw Madhava brand - Similiar recipes

Coconut Flour Agave Nectar Muffins

this is a muffin which is flavored by agave nectar and vanilla and has coconut flour as it's main ingredient. - Similiar recipes

Raw Cashew Cheesecake-From Vegetarian Times Magazine

This rich, dairy free, no bake cheesecake is flavored with agave nectar, a raw sweetener derived from the agave plant. Agave nectar is sweeter than honey with a milder, more floral taste?ideal for desserts or drinks. - Similiar recipes

Amazing Black Bean Brownies Recipe(Courtesy of Ania Catalano)

This is a recipe I just tried last night for a flourless brownie. Flourless because it is made with BLACK BEANS!! Yes, that is right, black beans. I thought it would be really gross, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. This recipe is courtesy of Ania Catalano from her book "Baking with Agave Nectar : Over 100 Recipes Using Nature's Ultimate Sweetener." They are only really good when cold. When they are warm you can definitely taste the beans, but when cold you can't. Also, if you use instant coffee you might want to use a lot less than in the recipe because the coffee taste is really strong. Kids probably won't like that. My husband hates coffee and I think it was too much for him....decrease amount of coffee if you don't like it. This is from Ania Catalano's book "Baking with Agave Nectar: Over 100 Recipes Using Nature's Ultimate Sweetener." - Similiar recipes
African Red Bush (Rooibos) Sun Tea

African Red Bush (Rooibos) Sun Tea

With the intense heat we get in the southwestern portion of the US every summer, a nice tall glass of ice tea really hits the spot. I love this particular type of tea because it has so many health benefits. It is herbal, low in tannin and has no caffeine. I used the Tazo brand, but other brands as long as they are good quality should work as well. Once done I like to put the tea in a tall glass with a slice of lime or lemon and a tsp. of agave nectar to sweeten. - Similiar recipes

Amaranth Pancakes

This recipes originated from the back of the package of Bob's Red Mill Amaranth flour. The recipe has been doubled. These are really good, one of my friends said they taste similar to sopapillas. Serve with syrup or honey. Great with Agave nectar as a low glycemic sweeter. Use like a dessert crepe with fruit and ice cream. A great way to eat whole grain and cut out white flour.For the oil I use coconut (may need to melt), olive oil or grape seed oil. - Similiar recipes

Chef Jean's Margarita

This is a twist on a regular margarita. Agave nectar is the sweet(almost like honey) necter of the same plant that tequila comes from. - Similiar recipes

Cough Lozenges

I got this recipe from my friend Bethan in Wales. She's a vegetarian and always attends these wonderful meetings that involve very health conscious people. She often shares things with me and I was delighted when she sent me this little brochure with 3 very interesting Herbal Recipes that were put out by the West Wales Herb Group. I thought I'd share them with everyone on Recipezaar. I haven't made any of these as of yet, but if I do, I'll use agave nectar in it instead of sugar. The cooking time is a guesstimate. - Similiar recipes

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