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Almond Chicken

An oriental-styled fragrant chicken meal: no more take-out! Prep time includes marination time. - Similiar recipes

Almond Cleansing Scrub

This removes dead skin cells from the face and is very soothing to the skin. Ground almond meal can be made at home in the grinder by simply grinding the required quantity of almonds in your grinder, or, you can buy it readymade at a grocery store. This recipe is from the book Natural Beauty At Home by Janice Cox. - Similiar recipes

Greek Almond-Honey Cake

A traditional honey cake using almond meal instead of flour or semolina. Like many greek cakes, it is further enriched by a honey syrup, making it very rich. Greeks don't have a dessert like this after a meal - that would be too much of a good thing. Rather, we would have it with a cup of coffee in the early evening, after our afternoon siesta. - Similiar recipes

My Chicken Almond Stir Fry Recipe

This is an easy chinese meal instead of take out you can make your own - I find I can save a lot of time by pre chopping my veggies and placing them in ziplock bags - this means you can have this meal ready in the time it takes to make the rice Prep:20m - Similiar recipes
Easy Almond Chicken

Easy Almond Chicken

This recipe is done in a flash, simple and easy for a rushed weekday meal, but still very tasty. - Similiar recipes

Cherry and Almond Clafouti ( Baked Custard )

A classic French custard/pudding dish with the addition of almond meal in place of regular flour. A gluten free clafouti. Alternate fruits can be used in place of the cherries such as lightly stewed or steamed rhubarb, apple, pear or peach. Ensure you use a gluten free icing sugar if a gluten free diet is being followed. - Similiar recipes
Fun Mini Muffins -Almond Meal- Flourless

Fun Mini Muffins -Almond Meal- Flourless

These mini muffins were made by a work colleague for a morning tea. They were so good, that I asked her for the recipe. If making these purposefully gluten free ensure that the chocolate, baking powder and thickened cream are all gluten free. Any artificial sweetener can be used in place of the sugar (if following a gluten-free diet take care that it is GF- splenda is gluten-free). You can really use any dried fruit or chip of your choice - Similiar recipes
Crunchy Pears

Crunchy Pears

"Crisp-tender baked pears dressed in a cookie crumb and almond coating provide an elegant ending to a special meal. 'My family says I serve this whenever a creative mood strikes,' notes Nancy Sparrow of Baltimore, Maryland." - Similiar recipes

Almond Meal Scrub

This recipe came from "The Body Bible" by Pamela Allardice. I use it often and it is really cheap and works well even on very sensitive skin (like mine). I buy my kaolin clay from a ceramics supply shop and it is very cheap...I think the last time I bought it i paid about $3.50 for 5kg (about 11 lbs). I sometimes add thyme to the parsley, this is good for loosening blackheads. Make sure you use course ground almond meal, the last meal I bought was fine and it doesn't work anywhere near as well as the course stuff. - Similiar recipes
Almond Chicken Stir-Fry

Almond Chicken Stir-Fry

"Margaret Wilson of Hemet, California shared the recipe for this yummy mainstay. Pineapple juice, ginger and soy sauce lend a slightly tangy flavor to the chicken strips and veggies in this pretty blend. A package of frozen vegetables speeds along the prep time, making this a quick meal for busy weeknights." - Similiar recipes

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