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Easy Almond Nut Milk

When you need nut milk and you haven't got any, yet have the raw ingredients. This way is easy! - Similiar recipes

Basundi ( Creamy Milk Pudding With Dried Fruit)

In the mood for a nutty desser? Try this wonderful Indian treat and delight your family. - Similiar recipes
Ann 's Almond Chocolate Ice Cream Dairy Free

Ann 's Almond Chocolate Ice Cream Dairy Free

I made Horchata De Almendra (Almond Horchata) milk from here on zaar to make this non dairy ice cream! Great for the lactose intolerant! And full of almond flavor. Be sure to use sweetened almond milk as in these 2 - Similiar recipes
Milk Chocolate Almond Brickle

Milk Chocolate Almond Brickle

"A sweet layer of chocolate covers this simple almond candy for a delicious treat any time of the year." - Similiar recipes

Almond Smoothie - Steak Shake

Anyone who likes smoothies should try almond milk - not just those who are trying to avoid cow's milk. Almonds are extremely rich in protein and iron, even more so than red meat (so I've heard). That's why we sometimes call this a "steak shake." It's so yummy and easy to make, and it sustains us all morning. - Similiar recipes
Almond Toffee in 17 Minutes

Almond Toffee in 17 Minutes

Professional results, no candy thermometer required! I tested this toffee over and over for a cooking demonstration recently, which is how I discovered it can be made in 17 minutes. Great for gift giving, if you can resist eating it all! I make the batch with half semisweet chocolate, half white chocolate. Milk chocolate never seems to firm up enough. I once overcooked this to a deep nut brown, and suddenly it separated into a sugary mass and a sort of clarified butter. Still worked, though, and tasted great. - Similiar recipes

Almond Stuffed Dates

An easy and delicious snack or dessert, great put on cookie trays! Serving dates stuffed with nuts and bowls of warm milk to visitors is a symbol of hospitality in North African homes. African, and posted for the ZWT. - Similiar recipes

Almond-Encrusted English Toffee

I got this recipe last year from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It is by John Kessler and by far the best toffee I've tried to make. (And I have tried others from the site!) I made this for Christmas gifts and people just loved it! For best results, use quality ingrediants such as Plugra butter and Ghirardelli chocolate. The original recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate. Just a matter of preference. Also, if you use roasted almonds instead of raw, they may overcook! - Similiar recipes

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