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Amaranth Pancakes

This recipes originated from the back of the package of Bob's Red Mill Amaranth flour. The recipe has been doubled. These are really good, one of my friends said they taste similar to sopapillas. Serve with syrup or honey. Great with Agave nectar as a low glycemic sweeter. Use like a dessert crepe with fruit and ice cream. A great way to eat whole grain and cut out white flour.For the oil I use coconut (may need to melt), olive oil or grape seed oil. - Similiar recipes

Amaranth & Flax Pancakes

I am basically "allergic to the universe." This recipe came from my personal desire to make pancakes which do not contain white flour or white sugar. The recipe is quick, simple and very healthy. The pancake itself is not sweet tasting because it has no sweetener, however, it can be easily sweetened by adding Stevia, Steviva, or some other sweetener to the batter. I have elected to sweeten the pancake by adding honey and fruit. - Similiar recipes

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