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Baked Cream Cheese Appetizer

"Easy, Yummy Appetizer. Great for unexpected guests during the holidays. Serve with crackers and assorted apple slices." - Similiar recipes

Baked Brie and Mushroom Sourdough Appetizer

"This recipe was an instant hit at family gatherings. It's a great appetizer, and entirely worth every bite!" - Similiar recipes
Easy Ham and Cheese Appetizer Sandwiches

Easy Ham and Cheese Appetizer Sandwiches

"This is a delicious, easy appetizer, and always a hit! Ham and Swiss cheese are baked inside rolls with a flavorful spread to form delicious little sandwiches." - Similiar recipes
Best Zucchini Appetizer

Best Zucchini Appetizer

"This is a delicious, easy appetizer for any occasion. Zucchini, Cheddar cheese and onions are baked together to create irresistible bite-sized appetizers." - Similiar recipes

Shrimp Appetizer

"This quick and delicious appetizer is perfect for all occasions. Creamy, zesty and filled with tasty little shrimp, it's particularly good served with buttery round crackers." - Similiar recipes

Asian Sugar Snap Pea Appetizer

"Bursting with flavor, these Asian-inspired snap peas can be served hot as a side dish or chilled as a quick appetizer!" - Similiar recipes
KELLOGG'S* RICE KRISPIES* Crab and Shrimp Appetizer Balls

KELLOGG'S* RICE KRISPIES* Crab and Shrimp Appetizer Balls

"Crab and shrimp seasoned with herbs and spices are shaped into balls, baked until lightly browned and served with chilled cilantro sauce for a tasty, elegant appetizer." - Similiar recipes
Southwest Appetizer Cheesecake

Southwest Appetizer Cheesecake

"This is a beautiful appetizer, and always a crowd pleaser. Spread this cake on crackers or serve with corn chips." - Similiar recipes

Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer

"A local restaurant in North Carolina made these. I loved them, but they were horribly expensive. So I figured out how to make them on my own. They are truly rich and delicious. Serve about 6 each as an appetizer. The filling is soft and creamy, if you prefer a firmer filling add an egg white to the cheese mixture." - Similiar recipes

Portobello Mushroom Appetizer

"A great appetizer for entertaining company. Very easy to make, quick and simple." - Similiar recipes

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