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Easy Appetizer Meatballs

Easy Appetizer Meatballs - that is like a Swedish meatball or stroganoff meatball. I make these instead of the BBQ style and are always a hit at parties. - Similiar recipes

Easy Brie Appetizer

This appetizer is simple to make and only takes a few minutes. The recipe came from a friend of mine. It is delicious! - Similiar recipes

Easy Ham-Wrapped Breadsticks Appetizer

This is an easy appetizer to add to your spread. It takes little prep and effort but is a great snack. From Kraft Kitchens originally. Enjoy! ChefDLH - Similiar recipes

Easy Mexican Smoked Fish Appetizer or Entree

This is prepared in a jiffy and also tastes good. May be served as appetizer or entree. - Similiar recipes

Easy Walnut Cheese Chicken Appetizer Snack

Bite-sized chunks of tender moist chicken encased in a walnut-cheese coating, won't last long on any appetizer tray. You can make these ahead of time & freeze or bake & serve right away. - Similiar recipes

Ez but Fancy Tuna Mold Spread Appetizer

A tasty tuna spread made in a jello mold and perfect as a party appetizer. When I really want to dress it up, I chill spread in a fish mold then unmold and decorate with an olive slice for his eye, thinly-sliced radishes for the gills, and a cute green pepper smile! (I prefer using white albacore tuna in water, but any kind of drained canned tuna will do.) - Similiar recipes

Feta Stuffed Shrimp Appetizer

A very easy to make appetizer that looks as good as it tastes and can be prepared the day before. - Similiar recipes

Goat Cheese and Tart Apple on French Bread Appetizer

Very simple appetizer with a gormet feel. The tart apples and the goat cheese go together very well. Your guests will come back for seconds! I got this recipe from my "France Monthly" newsletter. - Similiar recipes

Golden Chicken "lollipops" Appetizer

A deliciously sweet mixture of sour and spicy for a suprisingly easy and elegant appetizer topped with crushed peanuts for texture. Or even main dish! I prefer to lower the curry for my family's palate. - Similiar recipes

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