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Bacon Cheese Appetizers

My pork eating family loves these. If I ate pork I might like them too. - Similiar recipes

Bacon Mushroom Appetizers

My friend, Janet, gave me this recipe and it is so easy that I wonder why I didn't think of it first! Plan ahead to marinate mushrooms. I am finding it hard to describe how incredibly delicious these are. Try them on the grill tonight! - Similiar recipes

Bacon Water Chestnut Appetizers

This recipe is from All Recipes. - Similiar recipes

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Snacks / Appetizers

On those nights I'm too tired to cook I make these to snack on. Depending on the combination of seasonings, I either dip these in a sweet and sour sauce or sour cream laced with either creamy horseradish or salsa. - Similiar recipes

Bacon-Apricot Appetizers

Very tasty tidbit! Easy to do no fail recipe Enjoy - Similiar recipes
Bacon-Onion Appetizers

Bacon-Onion Appetizers

These get eaten up in no time. Make lots because your guests will be asking for more. - Similiar recipes

Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Appetizers (Microwave)

This is a different, outstanding appetizer. They always disappear fast when served. Original recipe is from the Sharp Carousel Recipe Book which came with my first microwave. I've made them in other carousel microwaves also. The time to cook is actually 5 - 9 minutes depending on your microwave's power. Just watch them cook the first time for the light browning and you'll do fine. Prep/Cook time does not include marinating time. Hope you enjoy! - Similiar recipes
Baked Brie/Cranberry Bun Appetizers

Baked Brie/Cranberry Bun Appetizers

This is something that I made up today for our Sunday afternoon appetizer. We enjoyed it so much I thought I would post it.It is simple and tasty. Use whatever size roll you wish but choose a crispy one -Baguettes may be used cut in 4"pieces . You may enjoy this as a decadent Lunch sandwich, rich but oh so good - Similiar recipes

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