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Apple Grape Jelly

I like this better than "plain" grape jelly. - Similiar recipes
Old Fashioned Apple Cream Pie

Old Fashioned Apple Cream Pie

"A rich custard-like filling. The combined flavor of apples and cream cheese is mouthwatering. Strawberry jelly may be used in place of apricot preserves." - Similiar recipes

Abc Jelly

From a Vermont website. Havent made this yet but thought it sounded very interesting.I have not a clue on how many jars you will get, that would depend on the size. This needs to set overnite and like all jelly need to cool to seal so allow time. - Similiar recipes

Apple Butter

You can also use other fruit beside apples and you can use the pulp in the jelly bag after the juice has been extracted. - Similiar recipes

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