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Fun Mini Muffins -Almond Meal- Flourless

Fun Mini Muffins -Almond Meal- Flourless

These mini muffins were made by a work colleague for a morning tea. They were so good, that I asked her for the recipe. If making these purposefully gluten free ensure that the chocolate, baking powder and thickened cream are all gluten free. Any artificial sweetener can be used in place of the sugar (if following a gluten-free diet take care that it is GF- splenda is gluten-free). You can really use any dried fruit or chip of your choice - Similiar recipes

Coconut Custard Pudding

"'Here's an easy dessert that my whole family loves,' says Wilma Lincoln from Montezuma, Iowa. 'I use an artificial sweetener when I make it for diabetic dinner guests and pretty it up with a sprinkle of nutmeg.'" - Similiar recipes

Broccoli Salad With Cashews Low Carb

This is a cold salad with a lightly sweetened dressing. I created it after sampling a similar salad at a party. I made it "kid friendly"- no onion, nothing really strong in it. As a result, my kids love it- want it in their lunchboxes, etc... It is easily modified by using optional raisins, real sugar instead of artificial sweetener, using peanuts instead of cashews. - Similiar recipes

Chocolate Cheese Mousse

It's light, it's luscious, and looks like you went to a lot more trouble than you did. With the artificial sweetener, it's even low-carb. - Similiar recipes

Cold, Tangy Gently Sweet/Sour Sauteed Greens

I don't' know who else likes greens cooked this way, but I do. You could further reduce the calories but substituting all or part of the sugar with artificial sweetener, as long as you don't heat it too much and cause it to lose its sweetness.I never measure my vinaigrette ingredients, so you may have to taste test and adjust the balance of flavors when you make this dish. I really like greens fixed this way. - Similiar recipes

Cranberry Sauce - Ww Core

This is a wonderful Thanksgiving dish, and sugar-free! You can use fresh or frozen cranberries, and your favorite brand of artificial sweetener. - Similiar recipes

Creamy Coleslaw Dressing (Low Fat)

This is similar to other recipes posted but uses fat-free soy milk and artificial sweetener. - Similiar recipes

Easy Pudding -South Beach Phase I /Weight Watchers

Having just started the South Beach diet, I am struggling to find tasty but easy and satisfying lunches. Today I wanted to try the cottage cheese/cinnamon/pecan creation, but had no artificial sweetener. Then remembered I had some instant, fat free sugar free vanilla pudding mix, and Voila--- a tasty alternative! - Similiar recipes

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