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Asian Dipping Sauces

For those of you who like Asian food, the following dipping sauces are posted below (hope you can understand them?!):Sesame Seed Dipping SauceGinger Dipping SauceLemon and Garlic Dipping sauceSoy and Ginger Dipping SauceFrom Family Circle Step by Step New Asian Cookbook - Similiar recipes

Asian (Chinese) Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh was introduced to me by my best friend in the 70's and I loved it. However, I decided to give it my own twist, so I made an Asian style Tabbouleh which I love even more. You can serve this as a side dish in place of a salad or roll several tbsp in Napa cabbage leaves to serve along with your favorite Asian main dish. Yum, scrumptious!By most standards this would not be considered tabbouleh because it does not include mint but I believe we can make tabbouleh using any of the ingredients we prefer. - Similiar recipes

Asian Beef Noodle Soup

Loaded with vegetables this Asian beef noodle soup is also low in calories but full of flavor. - Similiar recipes

Asian Broccoli Salad

This salad made a fabulous side dish to my Asian chicken. It was easy to make and full of flavor. And healthy too!I found this on - Similiar recipes
Asian Butter

Asian Butter

From Safeway Fresh magazine, an Asian style butter to serve on corn, steaks, mushrooms etc. - Similiar recipes

Asian Chicken & Orzo Salad

A nice Asian Pasta salad. It is always fun to bring a "different" kind of salad to a gathering. From Paula Deen. - Similiar recipes

Asian Chicken and Rice

Asian-style chicken and vegetable stir fry served over brown rice. - Similiar recipes
Asian Chicken Cole Slaw

Asian Chicken Cole Slaw

A delicious and simple slaw using East Asian flavors. Note: for variation, add the juice of 1 lime. - Similiar recipes
Asian Chicken Meatballs

Asian Chicken Meatballs

I had a craving for a very moist, chicken meatball one day. I love Asian flavors. This is the result. This has become one of our standard meals. We usually serve with a vegetable stir-fry and rice. Don't be scared off by the large amounts of garlic and ginger, it cooks into a mellow yet flavorful blend of seasonings. - Similiar recipes

Asian Chicken with Noodles

A very good Asian dish with a controllable hot factor. Adjust the red pepper flakes to your taste. Serve with a small cold green salad. - Similiar recipes

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