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Asian Noodle Salad

The dressing for this is tangy. Pretty salad. You can add whatever Asian vegetables you have on hand (bok choy, carrots, onions?) Top with sesame seeds if you want. - Similiar recipes

Asian Noodle Soup

love me these asian soups. SO glad its winter. - Similiar recipes

Asian Peanut Sauce

used in recipe for "GRILLED LEMONGRASS BEEF-PORK/TOFU AND NOODLE SALAD"delicious, variable, basic and easy to change recipe for traditional asian peanut sauce. most amounts are eyeballed, every batch I make tastes different! - Similiar recipes

Asian Pear Martini

For an Asian-themed dinner party - Similiar recipes

Asian Pecan Shrimp & Rice Salad

A simple recipe for those craving asian cusine. - Similiar recipes

Asian Pork With Wilted Asian Greens

added for the asian forum tag game feb 08Gai choy is a mustard-flavoured Chinese cabbage. It's available from some Woolworths and Asian grocery stores. - Similiar recipes

Asian Pasta & Shrimp Soup

This recipe is one of the Asian style - actually Chinese style - pasta soups. It is flavorful and healthy; low fat, low calories. Good for a meal." - Similiar recipes
Asian Peanut Burgers

Asian Peanut Burgers

An Asian-inspired twist to an American classic! - Similiar recipes

Asian Pork Marinade for Kebabs

This is an Asian style marinade for pork chunks that happens to be sugar free. Skewer the pork chunks to either broil or bbq. Serve with white or brown rice and with an Asian-flavored cabbage salad with rice vinegar and ginger. - Similiar recipes

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