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Lemon Dijon Mustard Honey Baby Carrots

Lemon Dijon Mustard Honey Baby Carrots

Easy way to give another twist to our friend the carrot. They taste great as leftovers too. - Similiar recipes

Asparagus, Hearts of Palm and Carrot Salad

This is a very tasty and colorful salad. You can omit the spinach if you like. You can use regular carrots, peeled and sliced medium thick instead of bagged baby carrots. If so, try to make your carrot slices and hearts of palm slices about the same thickness. There's never any left when I make this salad for parties, no matter how much I make. - Similiar recipes

Carrot and Cheese Crustless Quiche

This is a sneaky way to get kids to eat carrots! The mozzarella makes this taste so heavenly. You can also use zucchini in place or (or in addition to) the carrots. It makes 12 baby (12 month and up) servings and 4 adult servings. This recipe comes from Better Baby Food. - Similiar recipes

Carrot Cranberry Saute

This is a great carrot side dish that can easily be doubled or even tripled to serve a large dinner party. You can make this with peeled baby carrots also. Pat the cooked carrot sticks dry with a paper towel to insure they are very dry before placing them in the skillet. - Similiar recipes

Carrot Rice Puree

From "Baby's First Helpings" by Chris Casson Madden - Similiar recipes

Carrot Pineapple Salad Recipe

This is so good. I am hosting a baby shower this Saturday and the theme is salads. This one will be on the table. Everyone loves it. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Glazed Carrot Coins

From Taste of Home. I used about 40 baby carrots instead of cutting larger ones. - Similiar recipes

Asian Spiced Roasted Baby Carrots

The packages of the peeled baby carrots that you find the your grocery cuts back on the prep time for these babies!! A Sara Moulton recipe. - Similiar recipes

Baby Bok Choy in the Wok

This is a fast and easy recipe for cooking bok choy or baby bok choy. You can adjust the amount of flavor by adding more or less sake/soy sauce mixture (use equal amounts). We've found that adding the sesame oil at the end gives it more sesame flavor, but you could also just cook the bok choy in a mixture of vegetable and sesame oil. When in doubt, it's best to slightly undercook the bok choy. - Similiar recipes
Baby Carrots With Scallions

Baby Carrots With Scallions

Delicious baby carrots glazed with scallions in butter. - Similiar recipes

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