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Bay Leaf Rice Pilaf

This bay-leaf- and garlic-infused pilaf is versatile, going well with both the Cajun shrimp stew and the coconut red-lentil curry. - Similiar recipes

Bay Leaf-Braised Chicken With Chickpeas

Food & Wine. 1998 "With chicken, the preparation dictates the wine choice. Here, the bay leaves and roasted peppers call for a fruity, herbaceous white. Try a California Sauvignon Blanc" - Similiar recipes

Baby Gripe Water (Great for Adults Too) Aka Bay Leaf Tea

This "tea" is great for colicky babies or babies who don't burp properly and are prone to gas. Also great for anyone with gas no matter what age. It's wonderful after any kind of abdominal surgery. Great to give to kids with any kind of tummy upset. This is also know as "The Italian Grandmother Cure". The full recipe makes about 4 adult servings or 16 to 32 infant servings - Similiar recipes

Chestnut and Bay Leaf Gravy

A delicious gravy that really adds flavour to dishes. It is particularly good for vegetable based dishes. It can be made ahead and stored overnight. - Similiar recipes

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