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Nantucket Bay Scallop Saute Recipe

Nantucket Bay Scallop Saute Recipe

In Nantucket Bay, November 1st is the opening of the season for the bay scallops which become overly plentiful at this time. There is no scallop so highly prized as this one.Half the size of a sea scallop but twice the size of other bay scallops, it has perfect texture and such a deliciously sweet taste that it can be eaten raw with black pepper and lemon juice. The residents are limited to 5 bushels. They cost from 40-50 dollars at the fishmongers. Recipe by Larry Olmsted, Relish a Taste of America, "Nantucket Bay Scallops," October 2008. - Similiar recipes

Lady Linda's Delightful Shrimp and Scallop Stir-Fry

"Tons of flavor with very little work! I spent the day looking for bay scallop recipes online and inspired I came up with this keeper! Serve over rice or noodles." - Similiar recipes

Bay Scallops With Bay-Scented Butter

This is a great recipe I found in Cooking Light that uses small bay scallops, which are typically sweeter and more tender than larger sea scallops. Make sure to pat them dry before coating them with cooking spray so they will sear rather than steam in the pan. You can serve these in scallop shells for an adorable presentation. My family adores these little gems! - Similiar recipes
Bay Scallops & Shells

Bay Scallops & Shells

Bay scallops are very firm with a delicate, sweet flavour. Bay scallop meat is about 1/2" diameter (about 70-90/lb). Always look for scallops with a cream colour and firm meat. - Similiar recipes

Bay Scallop Pesto

Would go great on some fettuccine with a nice cucumber salad. - Similiar recipes

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