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Giorgios Tuscan Lasagna Recipe

Giorgios Tuscan Lasagna Recipe

My father-in-law Giorgio is a true work of art direct from Tuscany. this is the best lasagna i have every tasted. he was kind enough to share it with me and approved of the posting here. it takes some time to prepare, but once you have had it, you wont go back. Enjoy! - Similiar recipes
Best Eggplant Gratin Ever Recipe

Best Eggplant Gratin Ever Recipe

This dish reminds me of a lasagna but with eggplant instead of pasta. this meal is an absolute must have for a very impressive dinner for a cold winter night. Prep:60m - Similiar recipes

Death to Dieters Chicken Lasagna

I got this from the Best of Bridge and just like the name suggests, it is extremely rich and fattening! However, it is awesome! The mix of ingredients sounds absolutely disgusting, but it is very tasty. I usually serve this to company and always get rave reviews. One of my friends who came to fix my computer a few years ago said he wasn't leaving til he got a doggy bag! Don't let the ingredients fool you. This is an amazing dish. Serve in small pieces because it is extremely rich, but I guarantee your guests will ask for seconds. I usually serve this with [recipe=91550]Spinach, Strawberry, Mandarin Salad With Poppyseed Dressing[/recipe]which tart sweetness is great to offset the richness of the lasagna. - Similiar recipes

Down Home With The Neelys Lasagna Recipe

this mama's lasagna is from down home with the neelys. my mother in law makes the BEST lasagna, so i debated on even making this becuase it would not live up to my husbands standards. but it did. its AWESOME!!!!!!! Prep:30m - Similiar recipes


The best of spaghetti, combined with the best of lasagna . . . great to take to a potluck dinner. Freezes well. - Similiar recipes

All Day Versatile Sauce

"I have found that cooking your sauce all day like my father taught me is the best way. In addition to that, I make my sauce this way whether I am making linguine, stuffed shells or lasagna. I like to utilize convenience whenever possible so I use pre minced and jarred herbs. You can use what ever your preference is for meat, whether it be ground turkey meatballs or chicken Italian sausage. It will always be a hit with your family and friends! Try serving with your favorite pasta." - Similiar recipes

30 Minute Dinner

This is tasty and it's quick and easy to prepare. I had planned to thaw some of my Lasagna for supper but couldn't get enthused about the idea. It's really good Lasagna, one of my best, but not that night. I wanted something "DIFFERENT"! This is what I came up with. I'm smuggly pleased. - Similiar recipes

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