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Chicken Fricasse Recipe

This is great served over biscuits or noodles. Add a nice salad and some veggies and you have a great dinner with little prep time!I'm going to try it with chicken tenders and fresh mushrooms too! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
French Bread Sausage Breakfast Roll

French Bread Sausage Breakfast Roll

A different version of biscuits and gravy. Quick and easy for your family. I didn't include a breakfast gravy recipe, everyone has their own. If you don't, you can - Similiar recipes

Grandma Addie's Fried Corn

I felt special growing up in a huge Italian family of cooks from Philadelphia on my mom's side and just as happy to know my dad's mom from Alva, Oklahoma. The city family taught me all there was to know about baking and pasta making and Mediterranean cooking and the country side was all about fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and country ham with red-eye gravy and Grandma Addie's fried corn. When I make this corn people want the recipe and I am almost embarrassed to tell them how easy it is. - Similiar recipes

Low Carb Breakfast Balls Recipe

This goes great with biscuits and gravy. or even eggs and stuff. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Easy Ravioli

I came up with this recipe when I accidently thawed out the wrong sausage... I was going to make biscuits and gravy for breakfast but oh well once I had noticed my mistake I decided to make ravioli for dinner the next night. Hope u like it we did it was a big hit at our house! - Similiar recipes

Fried Grit Cakes With Sausage

A recipe by chef Elizabeth Terry of Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah, Georgia. Being from the south, I love me some grits!! A plate of eggs, biscuits, gravy and these grits would be a great way to start the day...southern style!! - Similiar recipes

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