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Black Bean Quesadillas

"'When I get home late from work as an operating room nurse, I often rely on this handy recipe,' says Jane Epping of Iowa City, Iowa. 'Topped with salsa and sour cream, the crisp wedges are always a hit. when I have extra time, I add chopped onion, black olives and green chilies to the beans.'" - Similiar recipes

Patty's Mom's Black Bean Soup

"This is a simple recipe, yet it is the best black bean soup I've tried. I have been lucky to get home smoked ham, and used the bone from it. I've also made it with smoked ham hocks I've gotten from the butcher. Of course the home smoked ham makes the soup superlative, the butcher bone made it wonderful. Either way, I think you'll enjoy it. It can be made spicy if that's the way you prefer it. It can also be topped with sour cream." - Similiar recipes
Black Bean Soup I

Black Bean Soup I

"I live where black beans are a favorite, and I wanted black bean soup with a different taste. The results were wonderfully delicious. Serve with corn muffins. This recipe freezes well. Enjoy." - Similiar recipes

Spicy Black Bean Soup

"A tasty combination of spices to create a black bean soup that is full of flavor." - Similiar recipes

Black Bean and Chickpea Hummus

"A tahini-free version of hummus using canned black beans and chickpeas. Serve with pita bread and your choice of fresh veggies." - Similiar recipes

Black Bean Nacho Bake

"Pasta, black beans and nacho cheese soup combine in this speedy six-ingredient supper from Melodie Gay of Salt Lake City, Utah. Servings of this zippy casserole, topped with cheddar cheese and crunchy tortilla chips, are priced right at 87 cents each." - Similiar recipes

Meaty 'Cuban Black Bean' Soup

"This recipe is based on the black beans that I eat at my favorite Cuban restaurant. Spoon over rice or eat straight." - Similiar recipes
Bean, Pasta and Roasted Pepper Soup

Bean, Pasta and Roasted Pepper Soup

"A colorful combination of ingredients including carrots, celery, onion, parsley and garlic are sauteed together and then simmered with black beans, diced tomatoes, pasta and Swanson® Chicken Broth to make a satisfying soup. " - Similiar recipes
Black Bean Pizza

Black Bean Pizza

"'Tomatoes and cheese give this bean pizza traditional pizza flavor, says Janet Miller of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania." - Similiar recipes
Fast and Delicious Black Bean Soup

Fast and Delicious Black Bean Soup

"A fast and easy recipe for black bean soup sure to delight your taste buds." - Similiar recipes

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