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Gluten-Free Delirious Chocolate Cake!

I found this recipe in an old French cook book, it uses no flour (hence the gluten free) and its so delicious, that it just melts in the mouth. I've added a little more chocolate and less butter. Be warned no matter how much you make, you'll never have any left over!(**important**-gluten can be found in some cheaper brands of chocolate please check carefully) - Similiar recipes
Gluten Free High Protein Power Bars Recipe

Gluten Free High Protein Power Bars Recipe

These no bake, high-protein, high-fiber bars are based upon Melissa Diane Smith’s recipe for Amaretto Protein Bars in her book Going Against the Grain and are a cinch to make. The chocolate topping makes them seem a bit decadent (skip it if you must, they’ll still come out fine) –though dark chocolate, rich in anti-oxidants has now entered the echelon of power foods so I’ll keep it on mine. - Similiar recipes

Avo Calamari Salad © Jenny Morris from Her Book More Rude F

a fresh easy to prepare salad of avocados and calamari with a deicius fresh lime dressing, makes a great starter or light lunch. wonderful fresh Asian flavours. - Similiar recipes


This Celestial Cream is a hands-down crowd-pleaser! I'd stack this one up against any dessert you can name. It's a light and creamy dessert to grace a dinner party, a Holiday feast or your family meal. - Similiar recipes

Grilled Banana Splits - Safeway Recipe Book

I found this recipe for free at the local Safeway grocery store in their booklets, it looked different than others posted and SUPER yummy. I can't wait to try it. - Similiar recipes

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