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Copacabana Punch

She was a showgirl.....I've adapted this recipe from one of my cocktail books - Similiar recipes

Cranberry Orange Cordial

Inspired by Susan Witting Albert's book, An Unthymly Death. Her books are great. - Similiar recipes

Creamed Urad Daal

Taken from "A Little Taste of India" by Bay Books. Which has a gem collection of selected recipies in various catagories - Similiar recipes

Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing

A lot of women think blue cheese dressing is off-limits when they're trying to lose weight. You're home free here with this 26 calorie, 1 gram of fat per 2 tablespoon portion for your salad. I found this recipe in Banish your Belly, Butt & Thighs Forever by Prevention Health Books for Women. It's great if you're on the Atkins Diet too. I think it's delicious; let me know what you think! - Similiar recipes

Creamy Cabbage Pork Stew for Crock Pot

Found this in one of those supermarket books. Not sure who the author is but we found this very delicious. Simple ingredients and great for a cold day. - Similiar recipes

Creamy Chicken Dip

Very good on crackers or spread on thick bread and popped in oven until hot. Don't recall where I got this recipe. Think this was intended to be a filling but was much better as a dip. One of my AOL screen names is RecipePackrat-I have thousands of recipes scribbled on 3x5 cards that I obtained from friends or copied from magazines, newspapers, books, etc. - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Sweet :n Orange Pork Chops

MMMm yummy sweet, citrus flavored pork chops. Courtesy of Dell Books on Crockery cooking. - Similiar recipes
Smoked Salmon Butter Recipe

Smoked Salmon Butter Recipe

A lovely addition to any bread, roll and croisant! I hope you enjoy this. My father recently passed away, he was a collector of cook books and this is from one of his 'gems'. The book is The Gold Book, by master chef, Louis P. De Gouy, copywrite 1947, I hope you enjoy it! - Similiar recipes

Curried Cabbage and Peas

This is from one of my favourite cook books, The Vegetarian Epicure (book2), by Anna Thomas. It is a recipe I do often as its economical, low cal and very tasty. When I'm not on a diet I serve it with naan bread! However I normally just eat it on its own.Just entered it because I wanted to get the nutritional values for it! - Similiar recipes
Glazed Carrots With Maple Syrup and Sesame Seeds

Glazed Carrots With Maple Syrup and Sesame Seeds

Wanting a quick carrot dish last night, I turned to one of my favourite books, "Linda McCartneys World Of Vegetarian Cooking". As usual she didn't let me down, this was an easy and deliciously tasty offering of carrots in a sweet glaze. The original recipe calls for honey or Maple syrup, I chose to use Maple Syrup, I had NO leftovers! I used the butter option. - Similiar recipes

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