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Refrigerator Dills

Midwest Old Threshers has a great festival in Mt. Pleasant Iowa every year running through Labor Day. I always bought interesting cookbooks there and ran across the request in one of my books! - Similiar recipes

Cranberry-sauced Pork Chops Recipe

This one comes from one of my Better Homes and Gardens cook books. I made this one for the first time last night after wanting to make it for months now. Very tasty and easy. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

Pasta Pie Recipe

Another delightfully, guilt-free meal. Light and savory with a creamy sauce. Sunset Books, Low-fat Vegetarian. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes
Dal and Rice With Spicy Fried Cabbage

Dal and Rice With Spicy Fried Cabbage

I've been reading books by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and giving myself Indian food cravings, so I went to the cupboard and came up with this easy, yummy dish. Warning: this is fairly spicy (but not burn-your-tongue-out spicy). If you like it less spicy, reduce the amounts of seasoning and garlic dramatically. Substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth to make it vegan. - Similiar recipes

Dangerously Dark Rich Cherry Fudge

"A delicious blending of dark sweet cherries and deep chocolate fudge" I am a fan of a mystery series featuring a caterer as the main character. They have mentioned a cherry chocolate fudge in all the books that I have read so far in the series, but the recipe so far has not been given. I kept wanting a piece of that fudge. So I decided to wing it , and this is the final result. My husband is not big on chocolate of any kind, and I can't have much of it since I am diabetic. I save out about nine pieces that I ration out over a couple of weeks for me, then I put the word out to friends and relatives to "Save me from myself". They don't waste any time getting here to remove the temptation. - Similiar recipes

Don's Flavor Enhancer With Very Low Sodium

Entered for safe-keeping. This combination is used in many of Donald Gazzaniga's recipes in "The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium" books (both the original book and the "Light Meals" book). There are 3 other similar recipes posted on Zaar at this time, but the proportions of spices are different. This cannot substitute for salt when it is needed as a leavening agent or preservative, but it can add a "kicker" of taste. Store in a tight container and in a dark, cool place. Normal salt has 2350 mg of sodium per teaspoon while this has only 2.76 mg of sodium per teaspoon. - Similiar recipes
Butterbeer Recipe

Butterbeer Recipe

I first heard of butterbeer in the Harry Potter books and wondered what it I know. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes
Korean Steak On A Stick Recipe

Korean Steak On A Stick Recipe

This is a great summer appetizer and the marinade can be used for beef, chicken or even vegetables. Again, it is WW. If there is anything this site has shown me it is how much I rely on my WW recipe books! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Carpet Freshener Great For Pet Owners Recipe

Carpet Freshener Great For Pet Owners Recipe

This is found in one of my many natural cleaning books, it's the simplest of them all to use. The book is called The Naturally Clean Home. It has over 100 simple recipes. This one is for pet owners. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Balsamic Beef Stir-fry Recipe

Found this written down on a piece of paper in some cook books that I have not looked at in the longest time. Not my writing, and dont know where it came from. But it is a quick, and flavorful one pan dinner. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes

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