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Honeyed Vodka Krupnik Recipe

Honeyed Vodka Krupnik Recipe

krupnik is a medicinal honeyed vodka prepared in poland since ancient times. it would have been kept in a glass bottle encased in basketwork called a gasior, or possibly a clay crock. this recipe appears in the book titled The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook, by Sophie Hodorowicz knab, hippocrene books, inc. 2002. i have made this recipe and store it in my kitchen in the same type of basketwork glass jug i discribed. na dzowie! (to your health!) - Similiar recipes

Quick N Easy Balsalmic Sirloin And Pasta Saute Recipe

Quick, easy, tasty one dish meal from one of my little Pilsbury books. A family favorite. Some crusty bread and maybe a small green salad and you are set! I embellish when I have fresh veggies that need to be used - red pepper is great! Also like to add a can of mushrooms and water chestnuts. Possibilities are endless. - Similiar recipes

Caesar Chicken Wraps

This is a quick lunch as most people, if they are like me, have some chicken hanging around. You just have to grab a bag of Caesar salad mix off the grocery store shelf and you're almost good to go. It is a great sandwich. I got this recipe quite a while ago from one of the little books at the cash register in the grocery store. I always have to check them out. - Similiar recipes

Cantaloupe Preserves

delicous,i love cook books,was reading one day & ran across this recipehad plenty of cantalope,so i decided to tryit is now one of my easiest & favorite nxt to guava - Similiar recipes

Carrots in Sweet & Sour Sauce

This is a great way to fancy up carrots when entertaining. I haven't used it as a sweet and sour sauce in a stir fry yet, so don't know if that would work. But it's probably worth a try. This recipe originally came from off the back of a packet of Maggi tomato soup, but is also in one of Alison Holst's recipe books. - Similiar recipes

Cashew Chicken

Chinese dishes of this type are not cooked at the table, but this particular one adapts well to being prepared there, in an electric frying pan or wok. From Sunset Books "Oriental Cook Book" 1975 - Similiar recipes

Catherine de Medici's Salad (Insalata di Caterina)

This historically delicious salad is AUTHENTICALLY CATHERINE DE MEDICI's favorite salad as borne out in history books. It is also known as Insalata di Caterina (Catherine's Salad), Misticanza del pastore (Shepherd's Mixture) or Insalata Rinascimentale (Renaissance Salad). Picked up this recipe while I was in Florence, it is salad with that peculiar anchovy taste. A new twist for discriminating guests. This recipe from Paolo Petroni's ''The Complete Book of Florentine Coooking'', Florentine delegate to the Accademia Italiana della Cucina. TRIED AND TESTED, GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC. Prep time is also cook time - Similiar recipes


Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Outdoors Series, Snow Country Cooking, by Diane Rossen Worthington (Time-Life Books, 1999). - Similiar recipes
Cheddar Cheese Crab Bake

Cheddar Cheese Crab Bake

This recipe was altered by me and originated from Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipe Book (I have every one of his books). He also has a website (check it out!). I was looking for a copycat recipe for R. Lobster's Cheddar Cheese biscuits and came upon this variation...which I personally like more than the biscuit recipe I was trying to locate. You can make biscuits with this, but I spread the mixture out to be more like a pizza and it saved me time and was more fun to eat. I think these would also make really neat appetizers if you used small spoons of the dough on the baking sheet...but you would have to adjust cooking time. I will be making this recipe over and over because it was so easy and tasted like I fussed all night! You will find my recipe long, but that's because my directions are thorough...the prep time/work time for this recipe is only 10 minutes...though that may be because I make it often! - Similiar recipes
Peach Honey And Cardamom Wine Cordial Recipe

Peach Honey And Cardamom Wine Cordial Recipe

We seem to be able to get all kinds of fresh fruit just about any time of the year. I have made this for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years because it so refreshing after a heavy meal. Yes, it takes standing and refrigeration times but is not a lot of work. Absolutely delightful. Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Lifestyles Series, After Dinner, by Kristine Kidd (Time-Life Books, 1998). - Similiar recipes

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