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Authentic Russian/Ukrainian Borscht

This is the real way to make Borscht. No canned veggies, no messing around. Just real hearty Borscht, the way my mother makes it. Good ingredients are key, especially the meat, which should be fresh and thick. Once you've had this Borscht, you will not be able to eat any other. For the non-kosher, try it au-natural, or with a nice spoonful of sour cream mixed in (please, not low fat, enjoy this!). - Similiar recipes

Borscht II

Borscht is like chili; there's no one recipe for it. This recipe is somewhat unusual because it does not have cabbage; the addition of lime juice and sugar may also not be traditional. My mother did get it from a Russian coworker. It is the borscht I grew up with and I love it. - Similiar recipes

Borscht Jello Mold (Easy)

This uses prepared store bought borscht. I'm not a borscht fan but I have relatives who are! I took this from a 1963 ORT cookbook but haven't tried it yet. - Similiar recipes
Summer Cold Borscht Recipe

Summer Cold Borscht Recipe

Lazy summer days are here and you want something refreshing and easy to make?Tired of iced tea? Make cold borscht! Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Cabbage and Pork With Oriental Borscht

This takes a lot of time, and a fair amount of effort, but the result is one of the best cooked cabbage dishes imaginable: tender, pleasantly salty, and quite filling.It's based on a recipe from a 1914 Asian-American cookbook. The borscht is our own twist; it uses up the excess stuffing that won't fit in the cabbage. - Similiar recipes

Real Borscht Recipe

There are many variations of the Eastern European Borscht. This is one that I use. Prep:12m - Similiar recipes

Beef Borscht With Sour Cream

I received this from my mother-in-law and she got it from her mother. This is so good. It's a bit involved, so I only make it once a year but it's easy to split up and freeze. It does require to be chilled overnight. This would also work well in a crock pot. Posted for Zaar World Tour 05 - Similiar recipes

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