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Green Beans and Cabbage 'Scandia'

Green Beans and Cabbage 'Scandia'

My Grandmother made this when I was a kid, and I loved it. I was thinking about it recently, but I didn't have any cabbage, so I used cauliflower instead. That was good too. I never have any bouillon cubes around so I just use a teaspoon of miso instead. - Similiar recipes

Green Chili

This one is easy. It doesn't have any meat and you may substitute chicken bouillon for vegetable bouillon or broth. - Similiar recipes
Chicken Bouillon Rice

Chicken Bouillon Rice

"The bouillon really adds flavor to plain rice. My husband loves it!" - Similiar recipes

Halibut in Spiced Court Bouillon

Traditionally used for poaching seafood, court bouillon (French for \"quick broth\") is an aromatic stock made with vegetables and herbs. Wine, lemon juice, or vinegar is often added. Can be prepared in 45 minutes or less. - Similiar recipes

Clear Beetroot Bouillon

A terrific starter for a formal meal, or just for lunch; it will also make a great Valentine dish (you might want to cut the omelette into heart shapes in that case). The trick with the egg whites ensures that the bouillon is totally clear — the protein in the whites, when clotting, encapsulates all impurities. The lemon juice is mainly necessary to keep the colouring nicely red: like litmus, the pigment in beetroot turns blue when exposed to a high pH. The quality of your stock largely determines the quality of the end result. Everything up to and including step three can be done a day in advance. - Similiar recipes

Frozen Bouillon Cubes

This is a very handy method to have beef or chicken bouillon ready when you need it. You could always double the recipe, and store in covered freezer-proof containers in the freezer. - Similiar recipes
Chicken with Bouillon

Chicken with Bouillon

"A very easy chicken to make - it is my mom's recipe - hope you like it!" - Similiar recipes

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