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Sweet Potato and Brandy Soup

"A fantastic soup for a chilly fall evening. The scent of brandy and allspice will permeate throughout your home. You can puree the soup if you like, although I prefer to leave it chunky." - Similiar recipes

Ice Cream Brandy Punch

"A traditional drink that everyone will chug! Made with brandy, milk, egg and ice cream!" - Similiar recipes

Brandy Slush I

"Graciously cold, wonderful, refreshing summer treat! This recipe is good even without the brandy!" - Similiar recipes

Brandy Simple Syrup

"Simple Syrup is brushed on cakes for added moisture and flavor. This one can be flavored with brandy or rum." - Similiar recipes

Brandy or Rum Balls

"This is an excellent dessert to bring for the Holidays. You can use either Brandy or Rum. These do need some time to set up so it is best to make them the night before. If you don't care for walnuts, the balls can be rolled in confectioners' sugar or cocoa powder." - Similiar recipes

Yummy Brandy Butter

"This brandy butter recipe has been used in my family for years. It is gorgeous. Use on breakfast pastries, pancakes, waffles or anything you like." - Similiar recipes

Apple Brandy

Homemade toddys, yummy apple brandy. - Similiar recipes

Apple Brandy Cordial

It's apple time! This is wonderful apple brandy. It's quick and easy. The longer it sits, the better. I just strain it through cheesecloth before serving, if it settles again. I have also used coffee filters for a fine strain, it just takes longer. I have some that is 8 years old and it is a beautiful amber color and very smooth. - Similiar recipes

Apple Brandy

For an alcohol-free drink, omit the brandy or use brandy-flavored extract. - Similiar recipes

Apple-Brandy Grilled Pork Loin by Emeril

Speaking of grilling, If I prepare it, my hubby Keith will fire up the charcoal — even in ice and snow. The guy is a grilling maniac — and he's good! This recipe can be grilled outdoors or on a grill pan in the oven if you prefer. It's maddeningly delicious and guess what — waaaaaaaaaaaaay easy! The only thing you have to remember to do is to start it the day before you want to grill it. This is easily a triple Emeril "BAM!" Once you've tasted it, you'll want it again..and again! But sorry — gotta get your own grillin' guy! Keith's mine! haha!!Now — the notes: First off, please use real apple juice — it's like sinful or something to mix kiddie apple koolaid with good brandy — know what I mean? Second, I can not do "hots" so no way did Emeril's Essence get on my pork. Cayenne did not make it into my marinade either. I used a McCormick grill seasoning for steak and that worked beautifully. It's pretty much the same as Emeril's — just no hots. But for all you folks who like a kick to your food — the Essence recipe is included. Just remember that you can also buy it in the spice aisle of your grocery store. Third — if you're like me and want to stretch a buck — carve your pork thinly. It will last longer and an added plus is that it will make fantastic sandwiches the next day! Finally — Emeril suggests using a true pork loin rather than the tenderloin because he says it stands up better to the grill. I used a large tenderloin because we just like it better and it cooks a bit faster. We don't have a fancy grill — it's just your old trusty charcoal deal with a little lid. However, you cook it, just make sure the interior temperature is right before you chow down, ok? - Similiar recipes

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