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Andouille - Style Breakfast Sausage

This tastes much like smoked Andouille sausage and in fact, you can stuff this mixture into casings if you wish and smoke the sausages for a bit. But I just mix this up and use as fresh sausage patties for breakfast, or crumbled up in a breakfast burrito, or even in bean soups, etc. - Similiar recipes

Asparagus and Egg Breakfast.

I love this for breakfast. Grandmother started this recipe. I place this in italian bread for a nice, heaty breakfast, or lunch. I have also had good results using either yellow zucchini or artichokes. - Similiar recipes
Aussie Bushman's Brekkie - Breakfast for Two!

Aussie Bushman's Brekkie - Breakfast for Two!

Not quite Steak and Eggs as a Full Aussie Brekkie (Breakfast) often is, but another great Australian export - Lamb! This is a full breakfast that can be eaten all day or will set you up for the day, if eaten in the morning! My Dad's Aussie colleagues introduced us to this, when we lived in Hong Kong.......a vertitable meat feast! - Similiar recipes

My Breakfast Frittata

Breakfast Frittata. Eggs baked together with cheese and other ingredients to create a very pizza-like breakfast dish. VERY good and easy to modify with your own ingredients. I came up with this method by modifying a baked omelete recipe that just sounded bland. This is very tasty and is easy to make very large in a 12" non-stick skillet. This variant will feed 4 people easily. Serv - Similiar recipes

Bed & Breakfast Ham-And-Egg Baskets

This is a clever way to serve ham and eggs for breakfast, and it's ideal for hostesses tired of the usual bacon-eggs-tomato flat on a plate! Serve with lots of toast or with fresh buns. Even at breakfast the little pies look best if dressed up with sliced lettuce or a tiny salad, on which you have sprinkled a little vinaigrette. - Similiar recipes

Breakfast Bananas

I created this crazy breakfast one morning, when trying to decide what to feed my 4 kids. They gave rave reviews, and it has become a regular breakfast around the house. It is also a great breakfast to have the kids help prepare. Totally kid friendly! Best if eaten with a fork. Plus, this breakfast includes all 4 food groups! - Similiar recipes
Breakfast Burrito (Like Mc Donald's!)

Breakfast Burrito (Like Mc Donald's!)

This is a really fun, quick, healthy, and easy breakfast, that is sure to delight the taste buds of anyone! I was making eggs one day, saw that I had tortillas, and cheese and bacon bits and I thought "A good breakfast burrito would be nice!" I put all of the stuff together, and BAM! an instant success! - Similiar recipes
Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast Burritos

These are great to have in the freezer when you don't have time to make a real breakfast in the morning. Try substituting other breakfast meats (ham, bacon, turkey sausage) to suit your personal preference. - Similiar recipes

Breakfast Burritos

I'm borderline hypoglycemic, so I need a good breakfast to help keep my blood sugar stable until lunch (often with the help of a small mid-morning snack). However, I have a hard time eating breakfast due to a long and nasty habit of not eating it, which likely led to borderline low blood sugar in the first place. SO, thanks to the great breakfast burrito recipe by Tish (30165) I started experimenting with new ways to make these things. So far, this is my favorite way to make them. - Similiar recipes

Breakfast Burritos Copycat Mc Donald's

"This famous food chain begun offered breakfast back in the late seventies, shortly after introducing the Egg McMuffin. The company quickly realized the potential of a quick, drive-thru breakfast, and developed several breakfast selections. The Breakfast Burrito was introduced in 1991, and nowadays, one out of every four breakfasts eaten on the is from McDonald's." - Similiar recipes

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