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Brown Rice Pudding With Apples and Pears (Ww Core Plus)

Brown Rice Pudding With Apples and Pears (Ww Core Plus)

Faced with the challenge of finding a dessert that met the requirements of the WW Core program, I modified a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, ?The New American Plate.? This is Core plus points for the sugar used, if any. I made mine with the brown sugar Splenda but use what you have on hand. I have done this with the cinnmon sticks, with the vanilla bean and a combination. Both were good. This is not a very sweet pudding and works well rewarmed for breakfast the next day. Thought it was good enough to share. - Similiar recipes

Brown Sugar

I live in Germany, and the brown sugar here is a lot different than the American version. You can get the American version at large Asian markets, however, I live in a small town and the closest one is about an hour away. So, this is what I found that is a decent substitute. - Similiar recipes

Brown Sugar Substitute

Out of brown sugar? Here's a substitution for those times. This recipe is for dark brown sugar. For light brown sugar add 'only' 1 1/2 tablespoons of molasses.As seen on the Martha Stewart Show. - Similiar recipes

Brown Sugar-pecan Fudge Balls

The filling tastes just like penuche, a creamy fudge-like candy made with brown sugar and butter." For proper texture, it's important to cool the candy mixture to 112 degrees F (but no cooler). From Bon Appetit - Similiar recipes
Amazing Brown Rice Salad

Amazing Brown Rice Salad

"A delicious brown rice salad recipe I concocted myself. Everyone loves it. Great to take to parties as a side dish." - Similiar recipes
Brown Rice Slaw

Brown Rice Slaw

"It's simple to put a refreshing salad on the menu when you follow this rapid recipe from Mary McGeorge of Little Rock, Arkansas. Brown rice, coleslaw mix, apples and nuts make an appealing combination when coated with a sweet orange dressing." - Similiar recipes

Alton Brown's Tapioca Pudding

Recipe uses large pearl tapioca and a crock pot. Recipe courtesy Alton Brown, 2004. - Similiar recipes

Banana Brown Betty

From Half-Baked Gourmet: Desserts by Tamara Holt. We used sugar substitute and it was very good — could be served with a dollop of low-fat sour cream sweetened with a sugar substitute, vanilla ice cream, yogurt or fat-free topping. - Similiar recipes

Apple Brown Betty

This is one of my long-time favorite desserts. I have been making apple brown betty nearly every fall since I can remember and still love it for its simplicity and sweet fruit flavor. Early in the fall, when the apples are freshest, you may not need to add water to the recipe, but later, as the apples dry out a little, you will need it. I have found McIntosh apples are just about perfect for this dessert, but use any firm, slightly tart apple. If you have leftover French bread, it makes very good crumbs, but any day-old, firm white bread will do. Whatever kind of bread you use, be sure to leave it out on the counter to dry for several hours before cutting it into cubes. Brown bettys should be served still warm. If they are allowed to get too cool, they will collapse a little. - Similiar recipes

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