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Feta Cheese Turkey Burger

My take on a "Greek-style" burger. I like to eat this on pita bread in place of a bun. I didn't add this in the directions, but I generally make these ahead of time and put them in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours before grilling. They hold together better. - Similiar recipes
Garlic Lover's Burger

Garlic Lover's Burger

If you're like me, you just can't get enough of that beautiful bulb, garlic. This recipe produces a savory burger with an interesting flavor that is sure to please the palate. This recipe should work equally well with ground turkey, though I haven't tested that. Please note the variations listed in the ingredients and directions. Note: I - Similiar recipes
Golden Burger Spirals

Golden Burger Spirals

If you already have the burger cooked up, then this is an easy recipe to whip up. This tastes delicious and is great for kids who love cheese! - Similiar recipes

Gooey Jack Burger

Looking for an out of this world burger? Maybe something different than the usual burger? Try this.........Cook time - would be to your desired taste and however you like your burger! - Similiar recipes
Gourmet Twenty Dollar Burger

Gourmet Twenty Dollar Burger

I was looking for a different burger and came across this recipe on Credit goes to the poster who submitted this delicious gourmet burger, MollyS.These take a little time but so worth the extra effort as they turned out wonderfully moist and juicy. Try to buy the best minced beef you can for a truely gourmet taste. - Similiar recipes

Greek Burger

This burger is very different, and very tasty. I hadn't had a burger with ground lamb until I had this burger, and it was just delicious. Simple to make and simple to eat!! - Similiar recipes

Grilled Reuben Burger

From the Best Burger cookbook. - Similiar recipes
Ground Peppercorn Burger

Ground Peppercorn Burger

I love this burger, it is an adaptation of the burger served at Chili's. Blue cheese dressing, and fried onion strips make this a real treat. - Similiar recipes

Guiltless Turkey Burger

I got this recipe from Juan Carlos Cruz on This burger packs so much flavor you would never know that it was good for you!! The original recipe calls for watercress leaves, but I have never used them. In my opinion, you can leave them out or go with the original. - Similiar recipes

Gut-Busting Smokehouse Burger

A juicy ground sirloin burger seasoned with lots of smoky delights, stuffed with smoked gouda cheese and topped with smoked ham make up this burger that I created for my boyfriend just to say "thanks" for being my recipe guinea-pig! This recipe will make either two 1/2-pound burgers, or three 1/3-pound burgers. - Similiar recipes

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