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Leek & Delicata Squash Soup With Caramelized Apple Croutons

Leek & Delicata Squash Soup With Caramelized Apple Croutons

This velvety soup pairs the gentle flavor of sauteed leeks with sweet, roasted squash. Topped with a dollop of sour cream and a few caramelized apple croutons, it embodies everything cozy about autumn. - Similiar recipes

Acorn Squash 'n Pasta Soup

This hearty soup recipe comes from the National Pasta Association and makes a great Fall supper when served with a green salad and cheese toast. - Similiar recipes

Acorn Squash Soup

The soup is served inside the acorn squash. Beautiful presentation. This recipe won over my new mother-in-law. I adapted this from a local symphony guild cookbook. - Similiar recipes

Acorn Squash Soup With Cumin and Curry Leaf

Subtly spicy and decidedly comforting, this Indian-influenced acorn squash soup makes a great autumn supper with a slice of crusty bread. The recipe came to me when my husband was in bed with a nasty cold, and my refrigerator was almost empty. All I had was an acorn squash, half an onion, peppers from our back porch garden and spices in the cupboard. The soup didn't exactly restore my husband to full health (at least not immediately!), but he did enjoy the soup even with his diminished sense of taste and smell. - Similiar recipes

Autumn Squash and Apple Bisque

It's autumn and time to get out the soup recipes. Here is a bisque that I thought looked good. I'm guessing on servings, cook time etc. - Similiar recipes

Sunshine Summer Squash Soup Recipe

This soup is wonderful either hot or cold. I prefer it hot with melted cheese and croutons but is also great on a hot summer day served chilled. Either Yellow Squash or a lovely blend of yellow and zucchini work very well with this dish, just depends on what floweth over in your garden! - Similiar recipes
Peanut Butter Butternut Soup Recipe

Peanut Butter Butternut Soup Recipe

Rich velvety soup full of flavor, very easy to make and yet always a hit with my guests. I like a toasted pumpernickel crouton as a garnish and a drizzle of basil chive oil. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Cheesy Zucchini Soup

A great way to use the overflow of squash from your garden. - Similiar recipes

Chilled Summer Squash Soup

This chilled soup is good for a hot, summer day. We found this one after my daughter had a similar soup on a cruise and came home raving about it. - Similiar recipes

Curried Squash Soup

Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse, 2002, via This wonderfully fragrant cold soup is a good way to use up summer squash, and it is a perfect accompaniment to an Indian dinner. - Similiar recipes

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