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Chili-Grilled Catfish Skewers

I got 10lbs of catfish nuggets on sale and I wanted a change from the usual breading and frying. Just enough bite, but not overwhelmingly spicy. DH wanted thirds so I guess I should have doubled the batch. Note: Catfish nuggets are a regional item mainly found in the southern US. They are the irregular odds and ends of broken fillets left over from the packing process. Either whole catfish fillets or any other firm, white fish with enough integrity to stay on the skewers can be substituted if you can't get catfish nuggets. - Similiar recipes

Asian Catfish Wraps

From Cooking Light. If catfish nuggets are not available, buy fillets and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Per serving: 344 calories, 10.4 g fat, 22.8 g protein, 37.8 g carb, 3.7 g fiber, 54 mg cholesterol. - Similiar recipes

Canh Chua Ca - Hot Sour Fish Soup W/ Pineapple

Another recipe from the In-Laws. This is a wonderful soup that is a common meal for my mother-in-law to make. It is so delicious I just had to have the recipe!My mother-in-law used catfish fillets, skin and all, I prefer to use the pre-diced chunks. Galangal is also known as Siamese Ginger. It can be found fresh, frozen, or dried at asian markets. - Similiar recipes

Creole Catfish Fillets

"In Plantation, Florida, Dave Bremstone rubs catfish fillets with a pleasant mixture of seasonings before cooking them quickly on the grill. The moist fish gets plenty of flavor when served with a spicy sauce an fresh lemon wedges." - Similiar recipes
Onion Dijon Crusted Catfish

Onion Dijon Crusted Catfish

"Catfish fillets are seasoned with honey mustard and onion, then baked until golden brown in this easy main dish." - Similiar recipes

Flavorful Catfish Fillets

Taken from "Taste of". Excellent dish that can be used with fish other than catfish. - Similiar recipes

Pecan Catfish Recipe

Catfish is pretty popular and this can be made with fresh or strore-bought fillets. SUPER easy. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes

Catfish Curry

I bought some catfish fillets without knowing what they were (they were sold in Catalan) and when I found out and did some research, I was a little disappointed to hear that the flavour was supposed to be less than impressive. So, I decided to curry them, and was very impressed with the results. The texture of the fish is perfect for currying and this curry, which isn't too strong, allows the delicate flavour of the fish to come through.Will definitely do this one again! - Similiar recipes

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