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Celery Lovers' Salad With Granny Smith Apples and Walnuts

I eagerily await each month for my issue of Bon Appetit magazine because of recipes such as this one. The best quality celery and the crispest apples you can find are very important for this recipe. Try to use organic or garden fresh celery with rich green stalks and leaves and not limpy. It will be worth it! - Similiar recipes

Celery Parmesan

A somewhat unusual recipe. Celery is actually quite good in this side dish. - Similiar recipes
Celery Root Remoulade

Celery Root Remoulade

Celery root is the homeliest of vegetables, but you'd never know it once it's all dressed up in this! Here's a super-easy and relatively quick way to prepare this great veggie! - Similiar recipes

Celery Roquefort Soup

This recipe was in a library cookbook that stated this was a good way to use up celery. - Similiar recipes
Celery Tofu Florentine

Celery Tofu Florentine

The idea came trying to find a lower calorie version of a macaroni casserole. I have substituted cut up celery for macaroni pasta noodles (similar in shape). It's an easy to prepare casserole that reheats well and is really delicious — by my calculations its 150 calories per serving (total 6). Hope you enjoy!! - Similiar recipes
Celery, Milan Style

Celery, Milan Style

I had never thought of celery as the basis of a dish until I saw this recipe in the "Betty Crocker's New Int'l Cookbook" almost 15 yrs ago. Honestly I only tried it because we were on such a tight budget that I had no other veggies in the house one night. Boy, were we surprised! We have it fairly frequently, even when we don't have the cheese on hand, and it's a great conversation piece at dinner parties because it's so unexpected, so simple, and yet so good. When I want something totally vegan, I just substitute veggie broth for the chicken bouillon. - Similiar recipes

Braised Celery Recipe

Eaing celery is good for people w/ high blood pressure, and most recipes show celery in the the background, but now it is the star! Prep:5m - Similiar recipes
Creamed Celery With Blue Cheese

Creamed Celery With Blue Cheese

Mmm, braised celery in a cream cheese and blue cheese sauce. A small amount of cheese gives this big flavor! From Perfect Food magazine. Blue cheese is made in England. - Similiar recipes

Crunchy Celery Skillet

As the main ingredient in this recipe Celery becomes a new vegetable. - Similiar recipes

Crunchy Pear and Celery Salad

This was the recipe of the day on the RealAge website. Great salads don't have to be just a summer thing and this one seems perfect for fall and winter. The cheddar cheese and pecan pieces, along with giving you some calcium and protein, complement the pear and celery flavors nicely. (Or you can try parmesan cheese and toasted walnuts for an Italian twist.) - Similiar recipes

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