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Cheap Easy Tomato Sauce

Here is my recipe now I make this cause its cheaper and my kids love it a lot I've used it for just about everything that calls for tomato sauce from deep dish stuffed pizza to spaghetti, raviolis. Now you can make this with or without meat. If you make your own tomato sauce from fresh tomato's then use that instead of the canned stuff I use. Also you can use fresh onions or onion powder and the same goes for the garlic - Similiar recipes

Cheap Frank-And-Spaghetti Bake

Supper on a budget. I use turkey franks and a spaghetti sauce containing either mushrooms or peppers. Substitute another herb for part of the parsley if you prefer. Cooking time includes time to cook spaghetti initially; subtract if you're using lefterover pasta. - Similiar recipes

Cheap Home Treatment For Conditioning Dry Hair

From Rima Soni's Q & A Trouble Shooter column, Weekend magazine. - Similiar recipes

Cheap Liqueur

I got this from a major newspaper in Toronto, Canada years ago and being a "thrifty person", I've made it many times. Replace the coffee with liqueur syrups, such as apricot, cherry & creme de menthe for other flavours. Try to fool your friends! - Similiar recipes

Cheap & Easy Taco Bake

Quick & easy weeknight meal from the side of the Pioneer Baking Mix box.***ADOPTED*** - Similiar recipes

Cheap & Ez Baked Beans

This was one of the first recipes my grandmother taught me to make for my sister and brother during the week as latch key kids. - Similiar recipes

Cheap and Easy Homemade Window Cleaner

From the Thursday magazine, this works like a charm and is so easy to put together! Enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Cheap and Easy Veggie Chili

My boyfriend and I were experimenting with a basic chili recipe. I made it last night and it was delish! This is great for kids because there's no bits of onion. - Similiar recipes

Cheap Daily Shower Spray Cleaner

I wrote this recipe myself. I make most of our household cleaners. There is no soap in this. It's great on soap scum. My shower sparkles. - Similiar recipes
Cheap Homemade Furniture Polish

Cheap Homemade Furniture Polish

From the Thursday magazine; this was submitted by Jyoti S. Mehta. - Similiar recipes

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