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Chocolate Covered Cherries III

"This is so easy to make! Simply melt the chocolate and dip the cherries. Be sure to have a sheet of wax paper on hand. The recipe works well with strawberries, too." - Similiar recipes

Amazing Bourbon Balls With Cherries

I make these every year for my family. They are always gobbled up very quickly, so I make multiple batches. You can find the glazed cherries next to the fruitcake fruit. You can make them without nuts, too. Just increase the amount of cherries. - Similiar recipes
Chocolate Panna Cotta With Cherries And White Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Chocolate Panna Cotta With Cherries And White Chocolate Sauce Recipe

The original panna cotta recipe comes from and it was leftover from chocolate cake posting. The taste was so great that II had to use it and make a wonderful dessert out of it. I couldn’t find but the white chocolate and cherries for a better combination!! - Similiar recipes

Bittersweet Chocolate Covered Cherries

Cherries covered with chocolate. A bitter but sweet taste. - Similiar recipes

Brandy Cherries

This recipe from the south-east of England is a simple way to serve cherries, which shows them off at their best, steeped in a spicy alcoholic syrup and accompanied by a light orange cream. - Similiar recipes
Ukranian Brandied Cherries Recipe

Ukranian Brandied Cherries Recipe

i went for dinner at my friends house, the Wojteczek family. they served these cherries because they had a special guest-me! this recipe was posted by Olga Drozd at Olga added a comment later that the urkanians also call these drunken cherries. - Similiar recipes

Candied Cherries

Needing candied cherries for another recipe, I found this one on the internet at! Preparation time does not include the 3 hours of standing after the first 20 minutes of cooking. - Similiar recipes
Cherries Poached in Vanilla - Cerises Pochées

Cherries Poached in Vanilla - Cerises Pochées

Poached Cherries in vanilla and lemon syrup can be served straight up, garnished with whipped cream or for cakes, filling for crepes or as an ice cream topping.Pronounced: suh reez / poh sheh - Similiar recipes

Cherries [canning ]

Cherries--I have an old cookbook and this recipe is in it. It's a Purity Book I have had since 1961. - Similiar recipes
Chicken With Cherries and Kale

Chicken With Cherries and Kale

I?ve had several requests recently for Christmas entrees. As a result, I?ve come up with this festive, colorful chicken dish. With deep green winter kale and bright red cherries this has Christmas written all over it, though will work well for absolutely any occasion.View the original post here: - Similiar recipes

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