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Ardolino-Style Chicken Soup

This recipe is a combination of my mother's homemade chicken soup and a chicken pot pie recipe. I prefer using chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken or chicken breasts because it creates a more flavorful broth. If you don't have fresh herbs, just use dried ones - I do all of the time - just remember to adjust your amounts (1 tbsp. fresh = 1/4 tbsp dried). Enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Asian Garlic Black Bean Chicken (Crock Pot/Slow Cooker)

This recipe can also be made on the stove top using boneless skinless chicken thighs. Very easy and delicious. I recommend using low-sodium broth and soy sauce. Adapted from Canadian Living Comfort Cooking. - Similiar recipes

Chicken, Red Pepper, and Green Bean Stir-Fry

Begin with cups of chicken broth simmered briefly with slivers of lemongrass and accented with a dash of chili oil. Complement the stir-fry with rice pilaf. End with sliced mango and pineapple topped with green tea ice cream and toasted coconut. - Similiar recipes
Back-Uh-The-Can Hawaiian Chicken

Back-Uh-The-Can Hawaiian Chicken

This is quite yummy. Got this from an Albertsons brand chicken broth can and everyone loves it. Very healthy and very easy. Easy meal served over white rice. - Similiar recipes

Mother's Broth

Although this turkey (or chicken) broth is time-consuming to make, it really does benefit from simmering on the stove for hours. The whole heads of garlic mellow into deep sweetness, giving the broth an authentic Italian flavor. - Similiar recipes
Black Bean Soup With Chorizo And Chicken Recipe

Black Bean Soup With Chorizo And Chicken Recipe

I cheated. I wanted to make this soup with the Chorizo but I STILL have sausages left that are roasted pepper with five cheese chicken sausage. I made the mistake of going to Costco. . .and of course they only sell things in humongous sizes, so what was suppose to be for Calzones earlier seems to be multiplying at a rapid rate in my refrigerator. I swore I only had a few left before I made the soup tonight. I STILL have a few left. Ugh! Either way, this soup is delicious. The broth is thin, but then it is suppose to be and the flavors are really nice together. I enjoy a lot of vegetables in my soups, so this soup was perfect. The sausage flavor didn't overpower the chicken and the black beans. This soup recipe came from the Siena restaurant in Cape Cod, MA. - Similiar recipes

Basic Sauteed Chicken

This is a very basic sauteed chicken recipe that can be varied in many ways. You can add one tablespoon of fresh herb (such as rosemary, basil, tarragon) to the cooking chicken to change the flavor entirely. Also, you can substitute chicken broth or red wine for the white wine in this recipe. - Similiar recipes

Beer Can Chicken and Rice Soup

A hearty Chicken and rice soup made with homeade broth and a healthy serving of veggies. Great way to make a delicious meal from your leftover chicken. - Similiar recipes

Best-Ever Hearty Chicken Soup

This is my own creation and I make it every week, much to the delight of my DH. It has the richest, yummiest flavor and is really hearty. Your family will love it! We always eat this Friday night, so I make it Thursday evening, chill it, and then skim the hardened fat off the soup before serving it. The remaining broth is so light and low-fat, it's amazing! Please...PLEASE review the recipe if you try it. - Similiar recipes

Bev's Chicken Noodle Casserole

This dish was served to me at a friend's house. I loved it so she gave me her recipe. This can be made a day ahead, refrigerated and then baked right before serving. The preparation time on this could be cut by using canned chicken, (or cooking boneless pieces), and using canned chicken broth. - Similiar recipes

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