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Liver Pate Gluten Free Recipe

Liver Pate Gluten Free Recipe

This pate recipe is basic. Done originally with chicken but has been converted to venison, rabbit, goose. Gluten Free. Served in individual hand made mousse pots (about 3" x 3") and 160g average product weight. Prep:30m - Similiar recipes
Fried Liver Curry ( Lamb, Pork or Chicken )

Fried Liver Curry ( Lamb, Pork or Chicken )

This is a simple and different way to serve liver. Liver is full of goodness. The recipe will be good with lambs, pigs or chicken livers. If using chicken livers be gentle as they are more likely to break apart than the other livers. A cheap dish to serve with a curry. - Similiar recipes

Fried Lamb or Chicken Liver Curry

Here is a good way to cook liver. Liver is very cheap, use lambs liver or chicken liver as it is tender.A good second dish to go with a curry.We all like this dish it goes well with rice. - Similiar recipes

Chicken Bacon Bites

Don't like Rumaki, made with chicken livers? This appetizer still has the bacon and water chestnuts-though minus the chicken liver-chicken cubes instead, in a delicious orange marmalade, soy sauce glaze-YUMMY.To save time marinate the wrapped chicken earlier in the day, then broil when ready to serve! The cook time is the marinade time. - Similiar recipes

Chicken Liver and Egg Spread

Not chopped liver, but a spread that can be a filling for canapes, spread on matzah's or as an appetizer with some slices of tomato. The recipe is from Bonne Rae London. Not a recipe I like but I make it for my husband and others. Sometimes I add extra green chopped onion. - Similiar recipes

Chopped Liver

My grandmother always used both chicken and beef liver, and it had to be broiled to make it kosher. Use - Similiar recipes

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