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Barbecued Chicken Burritos Recipe

I found this recipe in an old magazine and decided to give it a try as I had all the ingredients on hand. I tweaked it around a bit for the family and it was actually really tasty for a quick dinner. I made nachos as a side and we were good to go.Barbecued Chicken Burritos3 chicken breasts, poached and shreddedolive oil1 green bell pepper, julienned1 green pepper, julienned1 onion, juliennedTony Chacherie’s Seasoningbarbecue sauceshredded Mexican cheeseflour tortillas (10-“)I poached the chicken breasts in the crockpot with salt and pepper for 3 hours on high (I was at work while this part was going.) I drained off the chicken and shredded it. Put the veggies in a skillet and cooked down until limp in the olive oil. Add the seasoning as the veggies were cooking. Mixed the barbecue sauce in with the chicken by hand until it reached the consistency I liked. Warmed up the tortillas in the microwave and served up the chicken with the veggies and cheese. Some nachos finished off a meal that was easy after a day at work and the family enjoyed. (The kids thought it was FUN.) - Similiar recipes

Easy Chicken in a Crock Pot

This is one easy delicious crock pot recipe for a whole chicken. I do cut the chicken in half and it still looks like chicken, instead of pieces. I also wanted one that had chicken flavor but not other flavors that would clash with other recipes for which I would use the left over chicken. - Similiar recipes
Easy Moroccan-Style Chicken Breasts

Easy Moroccan-Style Chicken Breasts

An absolutely wonderful chicken dish, this dish has so much flavor, and is wonderful served with rice or couscous. Of coarse any part of the chicken may be used for this recipe. If you are using a 3-4 pound cut-up chicken, I suggest doubling all ingredients. I have even added in a coarsley chopped green bell pepper to this. You will love this chicken! Make certain to brown the chicken first, it improves the flavor in ths dish. - Similiar recipes
Easy Tender  Chicken Stock

Easy Tender Chicken Stock

This is so much easier than doing the "old bird" the old way!! and deliciously tender! How it is used is of course up to you, this is what I do:1. remove chicken, skin it, debone it, use the very tender meat in salads, sandwiches or in any recipe that calls for cooked chicken, it can be frozen for future use. 2. the juice/sauce, should be put in a bowl and in the fridge overnight. The next day, the fat will be on top and can be removed and discarded. the remaining juice will have turned to jelly overnight and can be used as the base for a wonderful "sticky lips" chicken soup, veggie soup etc.,or can be used in any recipe calling for chicken stock. Even watered down, it is better than average. Also can be frozen. Taken apart, used properly with common sense, there is very little chance of it causing a heart attack. Chicken soup is well known as a cure all, spiritual or otherwise.The photos show the "old bird" jelly after refrigeration overnight with the fat risen to the top , then with the fat taken off to show the jelly, then a bowl of soup made from the jelly, the rest of the "old bird" was used for an updated (slimed down) version of chicken and dumplings the remainder frozen for future use. No photo of the old bird in the crock pot, it was quite ugly and turned out fuzzy. - Similiar recipes
Farrouj Meshwi - Lebanese Garlic Chicken

Farrouj Meshwi - Lebanese Garlic Chicken

If you like garlic then you will probably love this chicken! This is a really simple way to cook chicken but it's really flavoursome & the chicken is moist & tender. You can use any pieces of chicken for this recipe in place of the whole chicken. In summer this is great on the BBQ. 'Farrouj' means male chicken in Arabic - they are said to be tastier than the hens but you can use any chocken with great results! Time to make doesn't include the 3 hours in the fridge. - Similiar recipes

Five-spice Shoyu Chicken

My wife is from Hawaii, and one of her favorite restaurants is Russell Siu's Kaka'Aku Kitchen - she loves their five-spice shoyu chicken. (Shoyu chicken is cut-up chicken slow-cooked in a soy sauce-based liquid). I found a Sam Choy recipe for shoyu chicken that started with teriyaki sauce. Using that as a starting point, I redid my shoyu chicken recipe. My wife's response was that the result was even better than Kaka'Aku Kitchen's (not that she's at all biased in my favor). - Similiar recipes
Foil Wrapped Chicken - Baked or Fried

Foil Wrapped Chicken - Baked or Fried

The secret of this popular dish lies in the marinade, which, when cooking, caramelizes the chicken and other ingredients, joining them together. When wrapping the chicken, it is customary to add a few other ingredients as a type of garnish. Cilantro, Chinese dried mushrooms, Chinese sausages (you can substitute smoked ham), and/or green onions are all used.When it comes time to cook, the garnish and chicken pieces are wrapped envelope style in square packets and (normally) deep-fried. Baking is another option; see instructions in the final step. Cooking time is normally about three to four minutes - long enough for the chicken to cook through but not for the paper to blacken. (This is for five to six inch squares - the cooking time will be longer if you are working with a recipe that calls for larger packets.) Stir the pieces lightly with chopsticks a few times while deep-frying. Drain the cooked chicken packets on paper towels.This recipe can be prepared ahead up to the deep-frying or baking stage, then frozen. Time does not include 1 hour marination. Recipe courtesy Rhonda Parkinson. - Similiar recipes
Good Eats Chicken Kiev (From Alton Brown 2004)

Good Eats Chicken Kiev (From Alton Brown 2004)

Chicken Kiev', aka Tsiplenokovo Po-Kievski and also known as 'Chicken Supreme' (in Europe), is a boned and flattened chicken breast that is then rolled around a chilled piece of herbed butter which is then breaded and fried. This method of preparing chicken is not of Russian origin as the name Kiev' would imply. It was actually created by French chef, Nicolas (Francois) Appert (1749-1841). It is said that restaurants in NYC wanting to welcome the many Russian immigrants gave the name Kiev. The name went back to Europe and there known as 'Chicken Supreme'. After World War II, Chicken Kiev became popular in Russian restaurants. Russian cookbooks have recipes for a similar dish called "côtelettes de volaille". This version is compliments of Alton Brown. We baked it (rather than fry) at 400F. for 30 minutes with great results. The tarragon and panko give this recipe a very unique flavor. - Similiar recipes

Grandma's Boiled Chicken

This is the base recipe I use to make chicken and noodles, chicken and dumplings and chicken with rice soup. You can use the chicken for any recipe that calls for cooked chicken and freeze the broth in one cup servings for any recipe that calls for chicken broth. - Similiar recipes

Grilled Sesame Chicken

This is basically a marinade to provide flavor to the chicken. I use the chicken in three ways to mix it up alttle. One, serve the chicken as the main course; Two, cut the chicken into strips and use in any salad; Three, pound the chicken before marinding, grill and use for chicken sandwiches. - Similiar recipes

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