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Five Spice Chicken

The five spices used in the recipe are simular to the traditional spices called for in Chinese dishes. THe Chinese use five spice powder sparingly. - Similiar recipes

Chinese Barbecued Pork

This is such a good recipe, and it it simple, and I bet you've got everything u need right in your pantry! Served with rice and some stir fried veggies this is a good chinese meal. My family requests this at least twice a month. I do occasionally vary the ingerdients by adding powder ginger, or a little lime juice and five star spice. - Similiar recipes

Chinese Five-Spice Spareribs

These ribs are fantastic and finger licking good. They turn out moist with a rich, dark glaze. This is a Wolfgang Puck recipe that I found in the Chicago Tribune last month. The five-spice powder, hoisin sauce, plum sauce and pickled ginger can be found in the Asian area of most well-stock supermarkets. - Similiar recipes

Chinese Five-Spice Powder

You can purchase this powder premade in the grocery store, but making your own makes for a better flavor. - Similiar recipes

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