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Chinese-Style Rice

P> The secret to properly cooked Chinese-style rice, whether white or brown, is to first rinse the rice and then to avoid cooking it in too much water. For fried rice, the rice should be cooked until just tender to the bite. - Similiar recipes
Chinese Char Siu Grilled Lamb Chops

Chinese Char Siu Grilled Lamb Chops

Usually used on pork, the Chinese barbecue marinade called char siu gives a haunting sweetness to these chops, which are delicious with steamed bok choy. Ask your butcher to french (trim) the lamb chops for you. - Similiar recipes

Chinese Duck Salad Recipe

A great main dish salad!If you don't have a cooked Chinese duck, chicken will do as well and even some roast turkey breast works well here Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Authentic Chinese Garlic Pork

We live and work in China, and this recipe comes from a restaurant in Beijing that our Chinese friend worked at. She was sweet to share it with us, and we absolutely love this recipe, it's addicting! You can impress your friends and save money too. My first recipe posting on Zaar, and I don't know if there's already something like this posted. You need to marinate this at least 6 hours - overnight is best. I serve this with fried rice (or plain rice) and Chinese Garlic Broccoli - which is another amazing and easy side to make...maybe I'll post that next! Enjoy! - Similiar recipes

Chinese Vegetarian Chicken With Cashews Recipe

This is actually a very simple Chinese dish that is full of flavor and delicious. Prep:20m - Similiar recipes

Chinese Plum Sauce

Chinese Plum Sauce Serve this with egg rolls or brush it over chicken and ribs on the grill. - Similiar recipes
Braised Oxtails with Star Anise and Chinese Greens

Braised Oxtails with Star Anise and Chinese Greens

What to drink: D'Arenberg 2004 The Footbolt Shiraz from South Australia ($19), with lovely cocoa and blackberry notes that go well with Chinese flavors.\r\n - Similiar recipes

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