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Chocolate Covered Ice-Cream Balls

This recipe comes from my collection of 'tried' recipes from magazines. Even though they take a little patience to make I believe they are a worthwhile treat to have as an after-dinner party acccompaniment with coffee. Any favourite liqueur can be used - Grand Marnier or Cointreau for a rich orange flavour, or Kahlua or Tia Maria for a coffee flavour. I like Baileys Irish Cream or a rich chocolate liqueur myself!!!! The choice is yours. Freezing time is not included in cooking time. - Similiar recipes
Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Chocolate Fudge Frosting

From 125 Best Cupcakes Recipes. Didn't have any chocolate cream liqueur - used Peach Snaps!! - Similiar recipes

Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream Pie

"This recipe combines the flavors of coffee and chocolate into an ice cream pie. For something different, try using coffee or chocolate chip ice cream in place of vanilla." - Similiar recipes

After Dinner Liqueur Chocolate Cups

This is a classy little way to serve after-dinner liqueur and will make your guests at any type of gathering feel special. These are expecially good with Amaretto or Kahlua, in my humble opinion. Serving little chocolate cups filled with liqueur on a fancy tray will show you really put out that "extra" effort - Similiar recipes
Scrumptious Chocolate And Orange Tiramisu Recipe

Scrumptious Chocolate And Orange Tiramisu Recipe

217 calories per servingTiramisu literally translates as 'pick me up'.This pudding will certainly do that (with a little alcohol, coffee and chocolate) but it's not a case of 'a moment on the lips and an inch on the hips', more 'have a little sin and still be thin'.If you don't have an orange liqueur, you could try dark rum or amaretto. - Similiar recipes

Chocolate Gianduia Martini

A nice twist on the typical chocolate martini. This drink replaces the chocolate liqueur which is normally an ingredient in chocolate martinis with gianduia liqueur. The gianduia liqueur I used was imported from Italy and it contains chocolate and hazelnut flavoring, cream, and grappa. Also, you may want to keep the vodka in the fridge or freezer to ensure an ideal temperature. - Similiar recipes
Chocolate Truffles With Liqueur

Chocolate Truffles With Liqueur

Decadent chocolate truffles, made even more sinful with the addition of your favourite liqueur. The yield will depend on how small you roll the truffles; I get at least 15 usually. - Similiar recipes

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