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Laung Chai (Cloves Tea)

Sip a different tea this time !! Besides the herbal qualities of cloves, this promises an indulgence of a different type... you can have it black as well though I recommend a dash of milk !!! - Similiar recipes

Braised Lentils With Cloves

This is a unique and flavourful recipe from "Cooking Light" Magazine. Cloves infuse the braising liquid--and thus the lentils--with savory, spicy notes. If you are using the regular sized lentils, you may have to simmer them for a little longer. - Similiar recipes

Stewed Mangoes With Cloves

In Liberia, a simple fruit dessert might be added to the dinner or served later in the evening. You can make this with fresh or canned (yellow cling) peaches or apricots if mangos are not available. Use two 24-oz. cans of peaches or apricots for eight servings. - Similiar recipes

Cranberry Sauce With Dried Cherries and Cloves

Adapted from a listing in Bon Appétit (Nov 1998), this is a Thanksgiving favorite! I make a double batch the night before and save a little for another use. Spread a thick layer over a small round of brie and bake 10 mins at 400 degrees F for an impressive appetizer. - Similiar recipes

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