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Chef Joey's Young Coconut Smoothie

Chef Joey's Young Coconut Smoothie

I love the milk and flesh from young coconuts and its much sweeter then old coconuts. I buy mine in our local Asian market.This drink is delicious anytime, but I prefer it in the morning as a pick me up. The raw cacao nibs in this drink give it a nice kick without the crash other chocolate drinks give you. You can use other types of berries besides Strawberries in this recipe. And, you could also substitute all or some of the non-dairy milk with pineapple or apricot juice to give it a tropical kick. - Similiar recipes

Coconut Banana Milk

Another use for my favorite Coconut Cream coffee creamer. Bananas, milk, creamer. . . simple but so good! I guesstimated on the amounts, I don't measure when I make it. Mine comes out a thin milkshake consistency - Similiar recipes

Chocolate Coconut Flan

Chocolate and coconut with a hint of cinnamon- the flavors of this Southwestern dessert are wonderful. Serve after your fajita or enchilada dinner for a muy bueno ending to your meal!Refrigeration time is not included in prep time.From a February 1984 issue of Bon Appetit featuring Simply Perfect Parties that showcase the flavors of the Southwest. - Similiar recipes

Gluten-Free Coconut Milk Brussels Sprouts Meal

Well yeah, a diet again, low carb, low protein, so its a neat thing to make something a little bit different... hope you will like. - Similiar recipes

Addictive Indian Coconut and Milk Delights

If its not semi-sweet chocolate chips from Publix or Starbucks coffee ice-cream or rigatoni pasta that I'm addicted to, its this dessert. I found the recipe in the Thursday magazine where it was posted by Radha Shankar and won the prize! I hope you try this sweet and enjoy it as much as I do - Similiar recipes

7 Cups Halwa ( Coconut - Chickpea Flour Dessert)

A dessert made in many Indian households. I got it from a colleague's wife. A simple recipe, but it takes practice to make it perfect - Similiar recipes
Coconut Chicken With Tropical Fruit Sauce

Coconut Chicken With Tropical Fruit Sauce

Makes a delicious company dinner or something special for the family.Submitted for the 2006 January RSC - Similiar recipes

Baked Banana and Coconut Porridge

I got the idea out of La Dolce Vegan and changed the recipe.I had a spare banana and worked out some ingredients that would take alright with that! This is gorgeous!Makes two big bowls, can be reduced down further! - Similiar recipes

Banana and Milk Ice-Cream....!

It is delicious and is liked by the children. - Similiar recipes

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