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Coffee Lover's Mocha Whip Dessert

A recipe from last year's BBQ get together, this is really good, and oh so simple to make! For a really strong coffee flavor, add in another tablespoon of coffee granules (4 tbsps in all). This is like a cold cup of creamy coffee with chocolte added, it is just delicious, and a fantastic after dinner dessert to serve to your guests or family.... I know, I have made it on many occasions! What I have done in the past also, is layer the prepared mixture with a layer of Cool Whip topping, finishing with the Cool Whip on top, sprinkled with chocolate shavings on top of the Cool Whip. This recipe makes approx 10-12 desserts depending on how much you put in the dessert dishes, you might want to scale all ingredients down to half for a 4-6 serving amount. Prep time includes 1 hour chilling time. - Similiar recipes
Cool As a Cucumber!  Cheese, Cucumber and Chive Sandwich Spread

Cool As a Cucumber! Cheese, Cucumber and Chive Sandwich Spread

A must for cool people - or those who like cucumbers! This is a very versatile sandwich spread or dip, which is so easy to whip up at the last minute; it makes VERY elegant sandwiches and is a wonderful accompaniment for smoked salmon, prawns (shrimp) or tuna. I have also used it to spread on savoury scones and crackers. If you plan to make this a day before you need to use it, you might like to salt the cucumbers first - as they do release water into the spread. - Similiar recipes

Apricot Whip Pie #2

This recipe came out of my Grandmothers 1941 cookbook "The New American Cook Book" I have recomended that you use cool whip rather than egg whites. - Similiar recipes

Cherry Cool Whip Salad (Cherry Dessert Salad)

Great little summer dessert concoction. Although it's called salad, it's really dessert. This is a great dessert for summer. Goes great at picnics & BBQ's - I have one of those "salad on ice" bowls from QVC so it stays nice and cool & doesn't get runny. Also, prep. time is about 5 minutes but I didn't include a chill time as it varies. - Similiar recipes

Cool Spider Treats

I found this on a Cool Whip ad and made them with the grandkids. They had so much fun and they looked really cute. We used orange M&M's for the eyes. Time does not include making the cupcakes and can be drastically off depending upon how much 'help' you have. - Similiar recipes

Cool Whip Fruit Dip

This is an easy two-ingredient dip which I love to enjoy on apples and strawberries especially, although I would imagine it would be delicious on any fruit. I use Cool Whip Free and Dannon Light n' Fit yogurt to keep calories low (which in this case does not require forfeiting any of the taste!). - Similiar recipes

Cool Whip Cream Frosting

I use cool whip light...and reduced fat cream cheese... - Similiar recipes
Cool Whip Frosting

Cool Whip Frosting

I love cool whip frosting, not as sweet as the traditional frosting. - Similiar recipes

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