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Flax Seed Raspberry & Coriander Vinaigrette

A nice way to have flax seed oil either over salad or warm veggies. - Similiar recipes

Coriander Seed Magic for Sore Throat

My maid here in Mumbai is 65 and a genius with kitchen handy hints and tips to cure common problems like cough, cold, pains and aches, etc. We were having a discussion over tea and breakfast this morning when she mentioned this as one of the easiest, least expensive home remedies to treat a sore throat. My Mom who is not feeling too well, tried this on her sore throat and got alot of relief from it. That got me all geared up to post this one - Similiar recipes

Eggplant with Sesame Seed Sauce

\"Even people who aren't enthusiastic about vegetables enjoy my steamed eggplant with what I call 'Sesame Sauce \u00E0 la Reddy,'\" writes Guvvala Reddy of Madison, Wisconsin. \"I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite Indian dishes, and it proves that the right mix of spices can change otherwise bland vegetables into something really special.\"\r\nAlso nice as a side dish for chicken or lamb. - Similiar recipes

Sesame Seed Chicken Recipe

A very simple and quick dish, great for snacks or a main course Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

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