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Oprah's Corn Chowder

Low-fat, good chowder. We have had this several times hubby just loves it. - Similiar recipes

Mexican Corn Chowder Recipe

Simple to make. A nice brothy chowder, not overly creamy. Can make as mild or as spicy as you want. Make some guacamole and chips for the side and you've got dinner. Prep:15m - Similiar recipes
Corn Chowder - The Best Recipe

Corn Chowder - The Best Recipe

Using fresh corn, butter, and cream Its mellow, sweet flavor and lovely pale golden color are very comforting, and it is a big favorite with children as well as adults. Prep:25m - Similiar recipes

Potato Corn Chowder Recipe

This is the easiest recipe ever.... My cousin and I whipped it up for a super- quick dinner and boy, was it DELICIOUS?? It tasted just like a gourmet cup of corn chowder. Prep:5m - Similiar recipes
Delicious Spicy Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

Delicious Spicy Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

Make this as spicy as desired by adjusting the jalapenos and Tabasco sauce, you can also add in crushed red chili flakes, I also added in some frozen thawed corn that I removed from the cob --- this soup is delicious! - Similiar recipes

Easy Quick Corn Chowder

I use a packaged gravy mix when I make this chowder, but you can use your own white sauce or gravy for this and it will work just fine. I used to make sausage gravy and then fix this chowder too! It's delicious on a cold winter day and it also freezes nicely for when you want to double or triple the batch and make a large pot to feed a crowd. - Similiar recipes

Fiesta Corn Chowder

This soup cooks up quickly, and is warming and delicious. It comes from the Simply Classic Cookbook by the Jr League of Seattle. Prep time doesn't include cooking the chicken. As quick as this is to make, save even more time by using the meat from a roasted chicken bought at your local grocer. If you cook chicken breasts for the recipe (2-3 halves) add onion, garlic and s & p to the water. This chowder is very mild, if you like spicy add more tabasco, or a diced jalepeno, or substitute some Pepper Jack cheese in place of Montery Jack A cold beer or glass of white wine is perfect with this. - Similiar recipes

French Onion Corn Chowder With Cauliflower

Delicious new twist on corn chowder in minutes! - Similiar recipes

Fresh Corn and Prawn Chowder

If you've never had corn chowder with fresh corn then you must try this recipe — it makes all the difference. Of course, you could use canned corn and it will still be good. It just won't have the same burst of flavour that comes from using fresh. - Similiar recipes

Fresh Corn Chowder

Naturally sweet corn and creamy avocado make this chilled blender soup (no stove necessary!) deliciously rich. (Taken from May 2006 Vegetarian Times Magazine) - Similiar recipes

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