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Ww Core Friendly Sweet Corn Cakes

Ww Core Friendly Sweet Corn Cakes

The launch of Weight Watchers Core Program is quickly inspiring recipes that use neither sugar nor flour. These tasty cakes can be served at breakfast or to accompany an entree. I made them with - Similiar recipes

Bean & Charred Corn Nachos

The recipe for charred corn came out of Kate Heyhoe's book, Macho Nachos. I second the author's opinion that "charred corn gives nachos a wonderfully smoky flavor and a visually rustic appeal." For even tastier nachos, make Homemade Tortilla Chips (#4378) using either flour or corn tortillas. It's truly worth the extra time to make the nachos using these homemade chips. I like to really pile on vegetarian or fat-free refried beans for a hefty nacho--no wimpy nachos! The homemade chips seem thicker & stronger than many grocery store chips, so they can hold plenty of ingredients without breaking. - Similiar recipes

Black Bean and Corn Salsa/burrito

I saw an open bag of tortilla chips last night and was instantly starving for some salsa. Being at a loss of ingredients, I improvised. My boyfriend discovered that this also makes an amazing vegetarian burrito when thrown on a flour tortilla with some cheese and sour cream. Everything is pretty much just a guideline. Add or remove whatever you like. - Similiar recipes

Fresh Corn Pancakes

These are so tasty and very more-ish. It is a very light batter, so don't add more flour, no matter how tempted you are.I forgot to say how much flour to use,so good luck. Well done if there are many left by the time you've finished cooking the whole batch! - Similiar recipes
Chili Con Elote (Chili With Corn)

Chili Con Elote (Chili With Corn)

This is a quick vegan recipe which makes a great filling for flour tortillas or served with rice. I like it with a baked sweet potato. - Similiar recipes
Corn Pancakes With Cheese or Cachapas De Carabobo

Corn Pancakes With Cheese or Cachapas De Carabobo

Am posting this Venezuelan recipe as part of my participation in Zaar's World Tour 4! NOTE: Recipezaar does not recognize the ingredient 'harina pan' (available in South American grocery stores) which MUST be used in place of the 'corn flour' ingredient! - Similiar recipes

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