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Creamy Gluten-Free Polenta

This smooth and creamy side dish is an exellent variation to mashed potatoes or pasta. For a little extra flavour, try whisking in some grated zucchini or carrots, or even minced garlic with the cornmeal and salt. - Similiar recipes

Cornmeal Pancakes

These are an adapted gluten-free recipe. Enjoy! - Similiar recipes
Santa Fe Cornmeal Pizza

Santa Fe Cornmeal Pizza

"You'll love the cornmeal crust of this 'knife-and-fork' pizza that has been a hit with our family for years. It's a nice change from traditional pizza and so easy to make. -Mirien Church, Aurora, Colorado" - Similiar recipes
Ananda Caesar Salad with Cornmeal-Chickpea Pancake

Ananda Caesar Salad with Cornmeal-Chickpea Pancake

This twist on the Caesar salad is part of a healthy and delicious spa menu developed exclusively for Epicurious by Ananda spa in India. Iceberg lettuce is topped with a crispy buttermilk, cornmeal, and chickpea flour pancake, low-fat cheese made from yogurt and spices, and an anchovy-free dressing. Note that the raw garlic is rubbed on the croutons after rather than before toasting to preserve its volatile oils. Garlic—particularly when it's uncooked—has been attributed with numerous health benefits, including fighting cancer and killing harmful bacteria. If you are following an Ayurvedic diet, the experts at Ananda recommend this for vata and kapha doshas. \r\n\r\nBe sure to start this recipe at least one day ahead. - Similiar recipes
Chicken Breasts with Cornmeal-Coriander Crust and Black Bean-Mango Salsa

Chicken Breasts with Cornmeal-Coriander Crust and Black Bean-Mango Salsa

Cornmeal adds a nice crispness to the coating for the chicken. The salsa and the Three-Pepper Slaw with Chipotle Dressing\n make this a colorful entrée. For drinks, mix up some tequila-lime spritzers by combining a little tequila with fresh lime juice and sparkling water, or uncork a bottle of dry Gewürztraminer. - Similiar recipes

Scallion Cornmeal Fritters

These thin cornmeal fritters go nicely with the flounder in jalapeño cream. They are made from the same type of batter as hush puppies, but not deep-fried. - Similiar recipes

Okra Cornmeal Fritters

When you put okra and cornmeal—two icons of the southern table—together in a hot greased skillet, magic happens, especially when you've tossed in a little crisp bacon for good measure. \r\nThese fritters are best when eaten immediately, but try not to devour them all before they've even left the kitchen. - Similiar recipes

Cornmeal Mush

Similar to polenta, this mixture either bakes atop the chili in the Chili-Cornmeal Skillet Pie\n or makes a great side dish for huevos rancheros at breakfast or for meat loaf with gravy at dinner. - Similiar recipes

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