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Baked Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat Stuffing

This dish is part of our family Christmas Eve celebration every year. I love baked stuffed shrimp, but so many restaurants here prepare their shrimp piled high with Ritz crackers drenched in butter. I think the crabmeat stuffing adds somethng a bit more special. Prep time includes the stuffing's cooling time. - Similiar recipes

Crabmeat Cheese Ball

Easy to prepare cheeseball. My husband does not like cheeseballs with green or red peppers but likes this because it has crabmeat in it. I think it has a great flavor and is a great appetizer for company. - Similiar recipes
Crabmeat Frittata with Tomatoes and Herbs

Crabmeat Frittata with Tomatoes and Herbs

Here's a delightful open-faced omelet — perfect for brunch — that uses fresh crabmeat as its star ingredient! - Similiar recipes
Crabmeat Remick

Crabmeat Remick

The classic recipe."Crabmeat Remick has been a New Orleans menu standard since the 1920s,when it first appeared on the Pontchartrain Hotel's Caribbean Room menu.Attesting to the stylishness and longevity of the dish, it also was afavorite of the celebrity-filled Stork Club and the Eden Rock in NewYork over fifty years ago. This classic crabmeat appetizer was on theEmeril's Delmonico menu when the restaurant first opened. CrabmeatRemick is simple to prepare; it also can be made several hours ahead,refrigerated, and then baked just before serving."Recipe courtesy Emeril Lagasse. (recipes for mayo and croutons included. Prep time does not include mayo or croutons) - Similiar recipes

Crabmeat Rabbit

This is from my Mom's recipe cards. I have not tried this recipe. No I do not know why this is called Crabmeat rabbit. There is no rabbit in this. - Similiar recipes

Easy Crabmeat and Corn Soup

When i was younger, my favorite restaurant in Tulsa was Peking Garden. One of my favorites menu items they had was Crabmeat corn soup. Unfortunatly, the place went out of business and i was pretty bummed. Years later, i came across this recipe. It's not quite the same, but its pretty darn close! - Similiar recipes

Eggs Stuffed With Crabmeat

Canned crabmeat, smoked salmon, or shrimp can also be used instead of fresh crabmeat.But do not use imitation crab. - Similiar recipes

Pasta With Shrimp, Oysters, and Crabmeat

"This recipe came from my mother-in-law. Their family tradition was to have fish on Christmas Eve. I carried on that tradition with my own family. If you don't care for oysters, like me, then simply omit that step. The key is use fresh ingredients, not dried. My guests can't get enough of this-well worth the effort. Serve with garlic bread." - Similiar recipes

Artichoke and Crabmeat Triangles

"This is a easy recipe. It is an old favorite of mine that I used to use as a dip. I like the use of the English muffins as the base. It gives them a nice crispy texture." - Similiar recipes
Somalian Crabmeat Stew

Somalian Crabmeat Stew

On the table in just over 30 minutes. Adapted from The African Cookbook by Bea Sandler - Similiar recipes

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