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Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats (Gluten Free)

I got this today from a weekely email newsletter from GlutenFreeda, a great place to get gluten free recipes and this sounds to great, and also should be fairly quick and easy to make. The brand of Crisp rice cereal that they listed was EnviroKids Koala Crisps, which can usually be found in the healthy (Organic) food isle of any grocery store. You can probably use any brand of Crisp Rice cereal. I think that most brands are made of just rice, but check to label if you are wheat intolerant to make sure. Enjoy!! - Similiar recipes

Brown Rice Crispy Bars

Very similar to Rice Krispie Squares but made with Brown Crisp Rice Cereal. I use M&M's but these can be made with chocolate chips, nuts, or sunflower seeds. I don't feel quite as guilty eating these because they are a little healthier than regular Rice Krispie Squares! - Similiar recipes

Bears Power Bar Recipe

If you can't find the crisp brown rice cereal, no worries Mates- just use regular rice cereal for ex: Rice Crispies - just stay clear of "puffed" rice cereal, it will throw the recipe off. Feel free to substitute other types of nuts, seeds, or whatever little goodies you can dream up. - Similiar recipes

Chocolate Cereal Bars

"'A little bit of chocolate and cocoa goes a long way to give Rice Krispies treats a scrumptious new twist,' says Gretchen Hickman of Galva, Illinois. 'I especially like these bars because they are crisp, not sticky. They disappear in a flash whenever I serve them.'" - Similiar recipes

Crispy Meatballs

"Instead of bread crumbs, crisp rice cereal holds these meatballs together. I've had this much-used recipe in my files for years. - Nancy Dose, Arlington, Minnesota" - Similiar recipes

Peanut Butter Logs

"I haven't met anyone yet, particularly men, who don't love these. Fairly simple and no bake. However, they do not freeze well, the crisp rice cereal will become soggy. After dipping the logs in glaze, consider rolling them in chopped walnuts or grated coconut." - Similiar recipes
Crunchy Macaroons

Crunchy Macaroons

"These chewy little cookies have a nice coconut and almond flavor...and crisp rice cereal adds a little crunch. Our home economists whipped them up using only five ingredients." - Similiar recipes

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