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Red Currant Jelly

Red Currant Jelly

"A classic red currant jelly made from fresh currants. This came from my one of my mother's handwritten recipe cards. I do not know its origin, but know it probably dates back to the early 1940's." - Similiar recipes

Currant Jelly

This recipe, from Canadian Living, calls for a combination of red & white currants. Cultivated white currants are available at farmer's markets & specialty stores. Since I'm a lucky person with a red currant bush in my yard, I don't do the combo. The prep time includes the "dripping" time. Use this tart/sweet jelly on toast, glaze a pork roast OR check out the Zaar recipes that use it! - Similiar recipes

Apple Black Currant Cider

On a search for ways to use my favorite little concentrate, Ribena, I found this recipe online. - Similiar recipes

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