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Delicious Low Fat One Dish Pasta Dinner

Delicious Low Fat One Dish Pasta Dinner

A rich-tasting and yummy vegetarian dinner with tangy tomato sauce and filling lowfat cheeses. Check out the picture! It's a layered dish so it looks pretty too! Uses just ONE TEASPOON of oil! I think you could add a meat layer to it if you wanted to. - Similiar recipes

15 Minute Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Dinner

A very easy and delicious dinner to make, great with salad on the side, I have used cream of broccoli and works just as well and have used converted rice but take's longer to cook. Enjoy. - Similiar recipes

2 Minute Dinner

This may not be the best dinner in the world, but it is fast, and many times when I have come home too tired to cook it saved me. I made sure I got my fiber, protein, and vegetable--so enjoy. - Similiar recipes

30 Minute Chicken and Rice Dinner by Accident

Basically it's a Campbell's chicken and soup recipe that I had tweaked. I had 4 hungry friends over and no real food or money since where in college (this is a cheap dinner to make and easy to double good for big families). All I had on hand was chicken and rice and mushroom soup. Lucky I had a few spare items on hand. I didn't like the idea of chicken just sitting there in cream of mushroom soup for an hour in the oven with rice. So I tweaked it with white wine and made it on the stovetop we couldn't wait an hour. With the brown bits it made the greyish looking soup into a pretty golden color and the garlic woke everything up. The Uncle Ben flavor rices are awesome--when you're in a pinch I totally recommend them. You can also use egg noodles--it makes it a bit more richer. Ever since then, I get this request about twice a week and people still don't believe its cream of mushroom soup--who knew ! - Similiar recipes

After Dinner Liqueur Chocolate Cups

This is a classy little way to serve after-dinner liqueur and will make your guests at any type of gathering feel special. These are expecially good with Amaretto or Kahlua, in my humble opinion. Serving little chocolate cups filled with liqueur on a fancy tray will show you really put out that "extra" effort - Similiar recipes

All-In-One Crock Pot Chicken Dinner

I have been making this chicken dinner for years. It is quick and easy to put together. - Similiar recipes

Amish Haystack Dinner

Based on a prize winner from Newman's The Hole in the Wall Gang Cookbook. This is a big hit with large groups of teenagers. Since it's "build your own haystack" there's something for everyone. Serve with dinner rolls for the unadventurous who would rather have a sloppy joe and salad. I also serve with bottled Italian salad dressing for those who want a "wetter" haystack. - Similiar recipes
Antipasto for Dinner

Antipasto for Dinner

I adapted this from a cookbook. My husband and I love it. We eat it room temp most of the time, but it's nice chilled in hot weather, too. The kinds of veggies are pretty flexible - add or subtract whatever veggies you like. You can also change the types of vinegars to suit your taste. Times are estimates and cook time is counted as prep time since I prep one veggie while steaming another. Serve with warm, crusty bread for a delicious dinner! - Similiar recipes

Asian Dinner in a Pouch

A quick dinner in a pouch with a flare of asian flavors. From This recipe is also great with fish; the only thing to change is the baking time to 20 minutes. - Similiar recipes
Asian Style Chicken Ramen Dinner Cole Slaw

Asian Style Chicken Ramen Dinner Cole Slaw

There are many different variations of this salad out there, of course. My version differs in that the dressing is creamy, and not sweet. The recipe makes 4 main-dish portions, or 8-10 side dish portions. It's great as a dinner entrée, and fast and easy to make! Very popular as a take-along potluck or picnic item, too. - Similiar recipes

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