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Creamy Chicken Dijon Dinner

Here is another one from Diabetes Control For Life website with and dinner for one. - Similiar recipes

Worlds Easiest Dinner Recipe

So, the kids' soccer game/piano lesson ran late; you still have to help 'em with homework AND make dinner in a timely manner. Check this one out! :) Prep:5m - Similiar recipes

Crock Pot Bavarian Sauerkraut Dinner

A tasty heart warming dinner that is ready when you come home from work. - Similiar recipes
Crock Pot Winter Dinner

Crock Pot Winter Dinner

A simple dinner made in the crock pot for those cold winter nights. This recipe combines chicken tenderloins with Polish sausage, pork and beans, great northern beans and butter beans all cooked in a sweetened tomatoey sauce. - Similiar recipes

Tex-Mex Beef And Beans For A Potluck Dinner

This gets lots of compliments when I take it to a potluck dinner. Every one wants the recipe. - Similiar recipes

Zucchini Skillet Dinner With Tomatoes and Mushrooms (low Fat)

We needed something healthy and fast for dinner, and I wanted to use up some odds and ends, and this recipe fits the bill. It is slightly modified from one in "The More With Less Cookbook". Feel free to substitute things you don't have. The original recipe called for canned mushrooms, but I had fresh I wanted to use. Use whatever you have leftover for the meat, or omit it. I used some cooked turkey sausage and a small piece of steak cut into tiny pieces. I served it over noodles though rice would be good. And parmesean cheese could be added if you so desired. - Similiar recipes

Sean Paul's Spam and Tomato Sauce Dinner

This recipe is a family favorite,easy and a quick dinner. No defrosting need - Similiar recipes

Mexican Skillet Dinner Recipe

This is an easy, Mexican-style dinner that can be use as is or put in taco shells or wrap as an enchilada. This is a very versatile dish. Prep:10m - Similiar recipes
Deluxe Dinner Salad for 2

Deluxe Dinner Salad for 2

There's a restaurant in town that serves the best dinner salads! No browned, lifeless iceberg lettuce with one measly, anemic-looking tomato imposter-oh no! This salad is colorful and nutritious. Of course, you have your choice of salad dressing-mine being in this case the house honey mustard of which - Similiar recipes

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